Here’s an 11-minute video from Jamie Windsor that is filled with 9 quick tips that you can use to improve your black and white photos in an instant.

“For most of us these days, black and white is an after-thought,” says Windsor. “It’s a creative filter that we have on Instagram.”

But Windsor points out that black and white photography is “much more than an editing technique” – and he would be right!

To make strong, powerful monochromatic images, it is important to approach the shot knowing that it will be the final result. It allows you to think differently, adapt your creative techniques, and see the scene in front of you in a different light.

Once you’ve finished watching the video, make sure to check out dPS’s own black and white photography eBook for further tips and tricks!

Summary of the 9 tips for better black and white photos:

  1. Plan to shoot in black and white
  2. Look for the abstract shots
  3. Shoot in RAW or use Color Filters
  4. Use long exposures
  5. Utilize the Dodge and Burn Tool
  6. Understand how light is affected
  7. Try Using HDR (High Dynamic Range)
  8. Emphasize the mood
  9. Shoot black and white photos that should be in color

Have you shot any black and white images lately? Show us in the comments below!

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