Infinity usually means trouble for the Marvel Universe.

The word “infinity” carries a lot of weight in the Marvel Universe. When that word pops up in a new crossover, fans can expect plenty of cosmic spectacle and drama as heroes join forces to battle for the fate of the entire universe. That’s true for the MCU, as well. Avengers: Infinity War pays off on ten years’ worth of movies, as Thanos comes to Earth seeking to complete the Infinity Gauntlet and gain total dominion over the universe.

Now’s a great time to brush up on all things Infinity at Marvel. From the original Infinity Gauntlet to the current Infinity Countdown, check out this slideshow breaking down each one of these cosmic epics.

For more on what’s to come for Marvel’s ongoing Infinity saga, here’s what we know about Infinity Wars, Marvel’s big crossover event for summer 2018.

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