When it comes to web cams and microphones, should users be covering them up, or is that extreme?

Ackerman said that “most people don’t have to worry about putting the ‘Post It’ note on the web cam, because web cam hacking is a very targeted attack.” But if you are a nuclear scientist, a spy, or have something confidential to hide — then you may want to reconsider, he added.

As for passwords, it’s hard to remember a different password for every site that requires one. According to 2016 poll conducted by Pew Research, nearly 40 percent of people use the same, or very similar passwords across different websites.

Experts, however, state that using different passwords is one of the best defenses you can practice. That’s because once your information gets hacked, a bad actor can try those same credentials on various websites, and easily get access.

Ackerman recommends checking your email with www.haveibeenpwned.com, a website that aggregates accounts that have been compromised in a data breach.

If you have trouble remembering you passwords, Ackerman suggests using a password manager, but if you’re not comfortable keeping your information in the Cloud – try good old pen and paper.

“The physical security of that piece of paper may be better than the electronic security of a notepad file on your phone, or emailing it to yourself, or reusing the password,” Ackerman added.

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