Modder DooMFOREVER7z has combined Minecraft’s peaceful aesthetic with Doom’s

hardcore combat in a “Brutal Minecraft” total conversion mod for Doom 2.In the most unlikely combination since fries and ice cream, players can kill Minecraft zombies and monsters using 25 weapons – including everything from pistols to rifles – in Doom’s traditionally graphic, blood splattery ways.

As reported by, the mod – now in beta version 2.0 – consists of nine maps in total, ranging from House, Cave, and Crypt, to Mansion, Hell Dungeon, and Bridge of Souls. Each location uses sprites and textures to capture Minecraft’s blocky aesthetic and layers it over Doom 2’s gameplay.

There are three modes – single, cooperative, and multiplayer – and the mod is compatible with with popular Doom mods Zandronum and Gzdoom.

Brutal Minecraft Beta 2.0 is available on ModDB, and DooMFOREVER7z states that they’d like to continue adding to it. Future tweaks include fine-tuning of the dismember system, more monsters, campaigns, weapons, and a new inventory system. Basically, they plan to keep making it even more Minecraft-y and Doom-y.Meanwhile, in actual Minecraft, Mojang has announced the main game will be getting a character creator. We’ve also been hands on with Minecraft Earth. The idea is to bring Minecraft’s gameplay into the real world using augmented-reality.

Alysia Judge is a writer and presenter. Chat to her on Twitter @alysiajudge.

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