By completing various side quests, up to 100 citizens can be recruited to the kingdom of Evermore. Below is a list of the top citizens you don’t want to miss when staffing various buildings throughout the kingdom.

After founding the kingdom of Evermore, seek out Nu Bi at the weapons shop in Goldpaw. Nu Bi can be recruited by completing Quest 004. Not only does he prove very useful in the Weapons Workshop; Nu Bi also has several additional quests that become available once he is recruited to the kingdom.

Similar to Nu Bi, Fai Do is a very useful asset to the kingdom. Focusing on armor instead of weapons, he can help get Evermore Outfitters off the ground. Complete Quest 012 to bring Fai Do into the fold. After recruiting both Nu Bi and Fai Do, several new quests open up with even greater rewards.

Also found in Goldpaw, Hau Ling is renowned for his magical prowess. Complete Quest 023 to recruit him to the kingdom. Hau Ling is an incredible asset to any magical institute. Add him to the personnel of the Hubble-Bubblery, Evermore Spellworks, Dimensional Lab, or any location needing a good amount of IQ related to spells.

After completing Chapter 5, return to the Palace of Hydropolis to find a young girl named Speio. Complete Quest 051 to recruit her to the kingdom. When the Kingdom reaches Level 2 and even Level 3, her Metaphysicality skill becomes essential in research done in the higher levels.

After completing Chapter 6, head back to Broadleaf to find a robot near the entrance. Speak with this delivery robot to initiate Quest 072. Complete this quest for Chip to join the kingdom. A very adept engineer, Chip is essential to getting the most out of the Institute of innovation. Plus, his robotic troops are a great asset to any skirmish.

Available much later in the game, head to Capstan-upon-Hull well after completing Chapter 9 to meet Sin-Gul. Speak with him to accept Quest 159. Searching to find his real name, Sin-Donwaribihapi Tstaykenamyt Haoozbizniss Sbinawile Watsamata-Gul, he enlists Evan’s help. Tell him his name and he will join the kingdom. Sin-Gul is extremely useful and will boost any station he is assigned to.

Also unlocked further on in the story, Dekkah can be found sitting atop the highest cliff outside Ding Dong Dell. Speak with him to accept Quest 160. Follow him around the world map, delivering his requested items to finally recruit him to the kingdom. Much like Sin-Gul, Dekkah is a renaissance man. Plug him into any facility to boost the IQ and efficiency.

Possibly the hardest citizen to recruit, Senturi will randomly appear in your kingdom after completing the game and progressing the kingdom’s level. Speak with her to initiate Quest 161. You will need to take down a Level 66 tainted monster to prove your kingship to Senturi. Return to her after this to complete the quest and recruit her to the kingdom. Like Sin-Gul and Dekkah, her high expertise can prove invaluable in moving projects forward.

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