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Having tallied 35 million downloads across Asia, Honkai Impact 3rd just made its North American debut. Apparently it’s popular here, too, receiving great feedback from the community with a 4.8 star review rating and even featured by both the iOS App Store and Google Play after the first week of launch!

But what’s all the fuss about? To get an idea let’s delve into the gameplay, focusing on the trio of Valkyrie who comprise your initial team of Honkai-busting badasses.

Your choice of Valkyrie determines your battle tactics, and as you play, you’ll unlock characters proficient in straight-up melee DPS, ranged AOE, healing, crowd control, and various other disciplines. What’s more, each Valkyrie can take on different roles depending on which costume they equip. Stylish and functional (still no pockets though).

Versatile Dynamo: Kiana Kaslana

You start out with just a single Valkyrie, Kiana Kaslana. She grew up in privilege and isn’t a great student (all the Valkyrie attend St. Freya’s Academy), but she’s a professional when it comes to taking out the monstrous Honkai.

Her main outfit (White Comet) mixes an arsenal of kicks with explosive gun-kata strikes and a high-DPS Ultimate, providing a straightforward introduction to the in-game action. Later costume unlocks will let her to focus on ranged AOE (Knight Moonbeam), healing (Divine Prayer), and ranged support (Valkyrie Ranger).

(By the way, miHoYo just announced that North American players who log in at least seven days during the first month of release will score the Ranger get-up for free.)

Whirling Dervish: Raiden Mei

The second member of the main trio is Raiden Mei, a kind older-sister type who was somehow born with a Honkai-related Stigmata, granting her extraordinary abilities. Wielding a katana, she begins as a master of melee AOE, spinning and slashing her way across the battlefield. In this style, she has an interesting leadership skill: achieving 20-hit combos buffs her entire team’s damage.

Her other costumes grant her enhanced defensive abilities and single-target burst damage (Valkyrie Bladestrike), the ability to summon AI “illusions” who fight alongside her (Shadow Dash), and the ability to go hog-wild with deadly lightning bolts, Palpatine-style (Lightning Empress).

Mechanical Enigma: Bronya Zaychik

Bronya Zaychik was raised to be a military assassin. Failing one key mission, she endured horrific experimentation, resulting in a cold and robotic girl capable of unleashing immense destruction. Bronya’s weapon of choice is the laser-bearing, possibly sentient android known as Project Bunny 19c, which closely follows her movements. Monster from Monty Python and the Holy Grail: eat your heart out.

Bronya is the master of crowd control and keep-away, harassing foes from afar and grouping them together with black holes or freezing them with extreme cold (Snowy Sniper costume). If you’d prefer a closer game, her Yamabuki outfit lets Bunny engage in mecha fisticuffs, while her Dimension Breaker kit doubles down on the high-energy laser lightshow.

Make New Friends, Power-Up the Old

That’s just the initial trio that will be available to American audiences. In other regions of the world, Honkai Impact 3rd’s already debuted various additional playable Valkyrie, so the class at St. Freya’s Academy — and the possibilities — will grow over time.

So, too, will the abilities of each character. In addition to leveling up, earning new costumes, and gaining new weapons you can acquire Stigmata that, when grafted onto a character, grant various and increasingly powerful passive bonus effects. Think tattoos, but with a slightly better pain-to-benefit ratio.

Crystals are the in-game currency that unlock a lot of the above, which you can earn through gameplay or real-world purchases. The latter is optional, thankfully, and hopefully Honkai will strike a nice balance between gameplay and commerce.

St. Freya’s: Open for Admissions

To get you started in the game, Honkai Impact 3rd is also giving away exclusive rewards from March 28 to April 27 as follows:

7-Day Login Rewards:

  • Standard Supply Card x 2
  • Crystal x 750
  • Water Spirit Type-II x 1
  • A-Rank Valkyrie Ranger fragments x 30

Pre-registration Rewards:

  • Vermillion Edge
  • Xuanyuan Aqua (T, M, B)
  • Exclusive Pre-registration Emblem
  • Crystal x 300

Level Up Benefits:

  • The cost for leveling up skills for all characters will be reduced by 20%!

If this all sounds to your liking, you can signal your interest and delve into the world of Honkai Impact 3rd by downloading the game today!

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