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Good morning!

Good morning, it is Martin Belam here, with our live blog for Cyber Monday. A live blog for Cyber Monday, you say? Are you sure Guardian?

Well, yes. There’s a couple of things different about the way we do it. It’s not just a long list of major retailers with affiliate links in – although full disclaimer, there will be some of that. What we did on Black Friday was try and shine a spotlight and some smaller and more sustainable and ethical businesses, gently steering you towards buying Christmas gifts from loved ones that aren’t going to ravage the planet to quite the same extent. And we try to avoid recommending companies with poor labour practices, and we don’t promote any offers on flights.

We also included some tips to reduce the impact of your Christmas shopping on the environment. And it is full of my terrible jokes, which are worth the price of the free admission alone.

Anyway, the main thing you need to know is if you email me at with suggestions of smaller, sustainable, ethical businesses with special offers on today, and there’s a good chance that I will feature them…

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