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This page contains information and locations of the Dead Claptraps you can find in several regions of Borderlands 3.

Your main buddy Claptrap is a last of his kind, but he’s hard at work on building himself a girlfriend – but he’ll need you’re help locating spare parts from the forgotten husks of old Claptrap robots found in various places on different planets.

Dead Claptrap Locations below are divided up into regions. You can also view our Interactive Maps for more information.

You can find this Claptrap located in the scrapyard above Ellie’s Garage near the entrance area of the Droughts, by heading up the path located behind her garage.

Once you reach the makeshift demolition derby area filled with COV bandits driving cars, look behind the rows of stacked cars nears the far ledges to find a Dead Claptrap hanging upside down over the abyss.

You can find this Claptrap in the middle area of The Droughts near a rest stop and Catch a Ride station, located past the path up to the Crimson Raiders Drydock, heading towards the path to Ascension Bluff.

When you spot the sign for the Catch A Ride in the middle of the road, look down below it by some ruined cars to find the Dead Claptrap perched on some debris.

You can find a lone dead Claptrap on the Ascension Bluff along the Path of Sacrifice leading to the main building on the region.

After passing the main gate and going up the plateau path, look for a center divider with large debris and you’ll find a red Claptrap tied to a post, and can climb up to reach it.

This Dead Claptrap can be found at the Sin-e-plex located on the northeast side of the Devil’s Razor area, where you’ll find a large junkyard area with a giant drive-in movie screen.

Head to the very northwest corner of the area under the movie screen to find a small alcove with an open shipping container, leading to a little hovel where the remains of the claptrap can be found.

This dead claptrap can be found in the middle area along the cliffsides, not far from the large rollercoaster complex that can easily be seen along the road.

Go around the entrance to the rollercoaster area itself to find a large plateau on the other side of the complex, and nearby you’ll find a broken car and umbrella, with the remains of a claptrap stuck in a large tire.

This dead Claptrap can be found in a small hidden room in the region of Carnivora, located in the Stacked Deck bandit town near the start of the region.

As soon as you enter the stacked deck, move south through the town while hanging along the left side, and you’ll find an open doorway with a red light shining out. This leads to a trap door where you’ll find the remains of the claptrap down inside.

You can find this discarded Claptrap inside the Guts of Carnivora, towards the end of the dungeon between the Windshaken Catwalks and right outside Mack’s Head Room.

Fight your way through the guts all the way up through the top level, until you reach the end of the outdoor catwalk to find a section to the side of the boss door, where a dead Claptrap sits at the end of a conveyor belt.

The first of two dead claptraps that are located in Konrad’s Hold can be found in the far northwestern corner of the map, located in the Fallback Tracks area.

Once you fight your way close to the last large building after passing into a large outdoor area, look in the top area along the cliffside to find a small cart track leading to the cliff, with the dead claptrap located in a mine cart.

The second of the two dead claptraps located in Konrad’s Hold can be found across a ravine from the other claptrap, located in the Last Stand Yard below the Chapel of Unheard Prayers.

You can reach this area by heading to the far northwest building to find a lift up and across the broken bridge to the chapel. Once you reach the Last Stand Yard, look for a ledge to jump down west to a plateau below, and you’ll find the the claptrap on the edge under the broken bridge.

The final dead Claptrap on Pandora can be found at the Cathedral of the Twin Gods, one of the final regions on the planet, and is located between the Outer Sanctum and the Courtyard of the Damned.

Fight your way into the Outer Sanctum and look for a small room with a window that you can’t get through. Instead, move into the hallway beyond, and look along the right wall for a doorway that’s been boarded up, and destroy the wooden boards to enter the room where the dead Claptrap has been nailed to a large red V.

This Claptrap can be found early on when first arriving at the outskirts of the city, in the grassy valleys leading to the city entrance.

Look along the south edge as you near the end of the valleys to find a small cave with more Ratch Eggs where they spawn from, and you’ll find a Claptrap body hidden in one of the egg sacs.

This dead Claptrap can be found at the bottom of a stairwell near the center of the Metroplex, almost straight up from where the temporary Atlas base manned by Lorelei is.

Take the long ramp down to the tunnels, and then look left to find a small path leading to two sets of stairs near the center of the map. On the landing between the two sets of stairs, you’ll find the remains of a Claptrap.

The first of two dead Claptraps can be found as soon as you enter Lectra City through the seaport and up to the Market Square, which is south from the entrance to the city.

Head to the water’s edge at the end of the Market Square and jump onto the low roofs that look down on the water across to the nearby shipyard, and you’ll find the discarded robot on top of an awning.

The second of two Claptraps located in Lectra City can be found in the lower levels near the center of the city, found at the Downtown Square area.

Once you reach the large square, take the stairs down to the lower area where the tunnels begin, and look in the bottom corner of the square for a “Welcome Home” sign where the claptrap body is located.

The first of two dead Claptraps can be found in a large open area in the first part of Skywell-27, shortly after leaving the maintenance tunnels and encountering the Children of the Vault before the passing the large thrusters.

Once you engage the raiders in the large open area, head to the upper levels of the rocks, and look for a larger rocky outcropping in the middle of the area, and you’ll find a tall satellite tower with the Claptrap tied to its base.

The second of the two dead Claptraps located on Skywell-27 can be found once you head down into the lower levels of the Skywell and through the Fuel Processing area and into the Observation Deck.

After arriving in the Observation Deck, head south to find a few interior generator rooms to the side, and move west to enter one of these rooms, and climb up to the second level – and look for an alcove where a red light is shining. Follow the nearby yellow power line and you’ll reach the dead claptrap body.

You can find this dead Claptrap in the center of the Atlas HQ area, located on the second floor of the Lobby of Self-Actualization.

Head through the lobby and up the stairs to the second level, and look on the west side for the entrance to a bar area. Next to a slot machine, you can look behind the counter to find a Claptrap body in poor shape.

The Claptrap body located in Promethea‘s Neon Arterial can be found near the end of the region, in the far northwest area past the Apollyon Transit Station, inside the Green Diamond Station.

Once you reach the station, head down into the area and look for where a train car passes through. When it leaves the area, look on the tracks on the north side to find the remains of a Claptrap on the rail line.

The first of two Dead Claptraps located on the planet of Athenas in one of the middle regions, located between the Windward Plaza and the Academic District.

Take the winding path through the Windward Plaza, until the path begins curving to the east and towards the cemetery. As you make the turn, look for a small isolated shack along a small ridge, and defeat the Maliwan Troopers in the area. On a couch outside the house you can find the Claptrap with a book on its face.

The second of the two Claptraps located on the planet Athenas can be found further towards the end of the zone, in the Anchorhold region towards the Academic District.

Cross the large bridge from the cemetery towards the next district, and clear out the troops. As you reach the center of the area, look for a group of building in the middle you can climb up around the north side, and at the top of some stairs you can climb to a low roof to find a fallen Claptrap in front of a piano.

The first of the two dead Claptraps can be found by the Lumberton Junction in the Floodmoor Basin, on the north side of the region.

Enter the junction and take out the enemies within until you reach the back of the area, and look for a stairway to a second level. At the bottom of the stairs is a small alcove where an old Claptrap has been stashed.

The second of the two Claptraps in the Floodmoor Basin can be easily missed, as its hiding in a small hole to the South of Fort Sunshine, also in the northern part of the zone.

From the Fort Sunshine, head south and west down the path past the Catch-A-Ride Station and up a trail, looking for a large root along the rocks, and you’ll find a Claptrap wedged in a hole between root and rocks.

The first of two dead Claptraps that can be found in the prison known as The Anvil is located shortly after crossing through Hector’s Lament, and into the first cellblock area.

After entering the jails proper, take the path north, and once in the main hall, take a left path to find a small adjacent room with an open door where a destroyed Claptrap is located.

The second of two Claptraps located in the jails known as The Anvil is located near the top north section of the region, past the main central area known as The Yard.

From The Yard, take the path to the West towards a Target of Opportunity room, and as you head down the main hall, look for an open door to a room on the right, and inside you’ll find the chained up Claptrap.

The first of two Dead Claptraps that can be found in Jakob’s Estate lies in the Grotto area that runs under the main estate, near the center of the region.

Access the Grotto by taking the main path down to find a small road leading into a large cave. Once inside the cave, head along the left path, and you’ll find a trashed Claptrap along the rock walls.

The second of two Dead Claptraps found in Jakob’s Estate can be found within the estate proper, along the northeastern side in the Ancestor’s Hall.

Enter the estate by taking the lift up on the west side, and once inside, make your way around the large estate until you reach the large room in the Ancestor’s Hall. Once there, look for an open doorway on the left side (east) that leads into a hallway with a large staircase going down, and the Claptrap is located at the bottom the staircase.

The only Dead Claptrap located within the Voracious Canopy is located in a hidden pathway behind a waterfall in the Green Labyrinth area by the start of the region.

Head up the path from the start of the region and hang on the right side until you see a large waterfall, and head inside to find an Eridian style cave, including some Eridian Writing. Keep climbing up past the writing, until you reach a large vertical purple shaft with yellow marking to climb up until you find the Claptrap.

The first of two Dead Claptraps found within the Ambermire region can be located in the Moist Hoist area near the start of the region.

Head down from the starting area south through the Moist Hoist until you reach a shanty town full of Bandits. Clear them out, and look near the end of the area to find a small shack that’s been partly reclaimed by nature. A Claptrap is stuck in the growth on the side of the front porch.

The second of two Claptraps found within the Ambermire region can be found in the far southwestern area by Tig Big Rig, near the edge of the zone.

Head to the far south and west of the area past a ammo vending machine, further past Tig’s Big Rig area, to where several turrets are placed to keep you from going out of the zone. Nearby, you’ll find the Claptrap at the back of a storage container.

There is one Dead Claptrap located within the Blackbarrel Cellars of Eden-6, and it can be found down near the entrance by the Premium Casks.

In the first main room when entering the region, head down to the lower level on the north side, and look towards the center where you’ll find the dead Claptrap on a table.

The first of two Dead Claptraps found in Desolation’s Edge on the planet of Nekrotafeya can be found in the large central area known as The Conqueror.

Head to the south center of the main central area where Maliwans patrol in vehicles, and you’ll find a crashed Maliwan ring ship on the south side. At the base of the crashed ship, you can find one of the Claptraps at the edge.

The second of two Dead Claptraps located in Desolation’s Edge can be found in the far northeastern area of the region, on the road from the Quietus Pike towards the boss the blocks your access to the next region – the Tazendeer Ruins.

Once you have the ability to destroy the red vines blocking your path, head up through the Quietus Pike and towards the boss arena, taking a left before entering to find a small path to use when coming from the Tazendeer Ruins to skip the boss battle. It’s here you’ll find the destroyed Claptrap caught in the jaws of a giant plant.

The first of two Dead Claptraps found in the Tazendeer Ruins region is located near the start of the region, in the area known as Cadenza in Two Parts.

To reach the Claptrap, head outside of the temple you start the region in, and look outside while hanging close to the far left wall where several creatures will emerge from the rocks. Look along the back for an alcove leading up to where both a Claptrap and body of a Maliwan Trooper have been pasted on a wall by the red vines.

The second of the two dead Claptraps can be found in the upper north region of Tazendeer Ruins, below the Charnel Keep and found in the twisting paths known as The Last House.

To locate it, travel along the main road from the Cadenza, and once you reach a junction, take the first path left away from the Charnel Keep, and then hug the right wall to circle around keep above, and you’ll find a thin platform with a waterfall where the Claptrap lies.

The last of the Dead Claptraps on Nekrotafeya can be located in the Pyre of Stars, in the far north section past the Promethea Point, in the area known as the Barren Divide.

Once you’ve made the jump across the gap from the Promethea altar, take out the Bandits that arrive in the area, before looking south to the center of the region. You can find a lower ledge here where a Claptrap body hides overlooking the large structure in the middle of the Pyre.

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