Dell’s launching its G Series of gaming laptops with every gamer in mind, from entry-level to more advanced users. Dell knows that not everyone can afford high-end models like, say, the Alienware 15 and Alienware 17 (sold by Dell’s Alienware division), also announced Tuesday, which start around $1,500.

With prices starting at $749, Dell’s G3, G5, and G7 product lines are far more affordable, yet they still carve out room for features including some of Intel’s latest quad-core and hex-core mobile CPUs. All of the G series laptops start shipping Tuesday, with additional configurations following later in April. 

Why this matters: By launching the G series (and retiring its Inspiron gaming product line), Dell’s signalling its intent to pay more attention to gaming. Sure, it’s a growth area, and it’s also one where users tend to pay more for their next PC. It’s simply good business to have appealing products at the entry level to build customer loyalty.  

G series laptops: Differences in design and price

As you’ll see when we go through the specs, the G series laptops have a lot of components in common. But don’t think they’re cookie-cutter: Dell made them very different in design and price. You’ll probably also be able to hear differences in the laptops because of their cooling systems, which get a little more elaborate in the higher-end models. Those thermal decisions may also affect performance, though we won’t know for sure unless we test them. 

dell g3 15 front2 Melissa Riofrio/IDG

Dell’s G3 15 laptop is the slimmest of the bunch, at just 22.7mm. 

G3 is Dell’s lowest-cost line, with 15-inch and 17-inch laptops starting at $749 and $799, respectively. The G3 15 will come in Licorice Black, Recon Blue, and Alpine White. Notably it will also be the thinnest of the G series laptops, at just 22.7mm. The G3 17 will come in Licorice Black and Recon Blue.  

The G5 15 laptop will come in Matte Black or what Dell calls Beijing Red, with large exhaust vents at the back. It’s a little thicker than the G3 at about 25mm. Prices will start at $799. 

dell g5 15 lid matte black Melissa Riofrio/IDG

Dell’s G5 15 laptop comes in Matte Black (shown) or Beijing Red.

The G7 15 laptop will come in Licorice Black or Alpine White. Its exhaust ports will be the most elaborate, with chrome crossbars and internal grillework that echoes the accent color of each laptop. In the case of the black laptop, for instance, its blue accents are echoed in the grillework. Like the G5 15, it’s 25mm thick. Its starting price will be $849. 

dell g7 15 rear grille Melissa Riofrio/IDG

The Dell G7 15 laptop has large rear exhaust ports, accented with chrome and color-matched interior grillework. 

G series laptops: Features and specs

The G series laptops will have a lot of features in common, but don’t think they’re cookie-cutter. As you’ll see in the photos, the big differences lie in external design as well as pricing. 

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