We are T-minus five days from E3—four if you count EA’s whole “totally-not-at-E3” event as the beginning of festivities—so why’d Bungie reveal its big Destiny 2 expansion today? No idea, but it happened.

It’s titled Destiny 2: Forsaken, and as expected it’s being pitched as a Taken King-style revamp of the entire game.

A much-needed one, I might add. One that listens to the vast amounts of community feedback over the past year and—hopefully—folds some of those ideas in. “We want you guys to play this game,” as Bungie said during the livestream.

New weapon system

And you know what? If the reveal is anything to go by, then Destiny 2’s second year looks encouraging. First up: A new weapon system. Any other game, that might be the C-tier feature reveal, but in Destiny 2 it feels like a huge deal. The original weapon system feels needlessly restrictive most of the time, with only one of the player’s three slots allowed for shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, swords—almost half the weapons in the game.

destiny 2 weapons Bungie

So for year two, that system’s been completely reworked—not just for the expansion owners, but everyone. “Three shotguns” is a loadout specifically referenced in Bungie’s reveal, implying there are no limits at all. Does that completely break the game? Maybe. But it sounds a hell of a lot more fun.

Random rolls are also back from the original Destiny, as well as some sort of system that rewards you for long-term use of a weapon. Oh, and Bungie’s also adding bows to the game.

destiny 2 bow Bungie

The Tangled Shore

As for the meat of the expansion: There’s a new campaign, a new multiplayer mode, and a new raid.

First up, the campaign. There aren’t a ton of details here, but it’s set in the Reef, a.k.a. the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. A returning location from the original Destiny, it’s the home of the Awoken, and you’ll be visiting a piece of it called the Tangled Shore. From the website:

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