With both Rage 2 and Fallout 76 announced before E3 started, I was doubtful Bethesda could pull off a surprise for its 2018 press conference. After all, we knew some sort of Prey *thing* was on the way too—that’s been teased for months.

But Bethesda managed it nevertheless, announcing both Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein: Youngblood even before it settled into divulging a raft of Fallout 76 details. And then it dove into Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI—two games that have been being buzzed about for years.

Read on for our highlights from the night.

Rage 2

It might’ve been leaked by Canadian Wal-Mart, but Bethesda had a lot more to tell us about Rage 2 during its press conference. “An extended look at the world and gameplay,” as Bethesda’s Tim Willits said, with a demo of the game available to play at the company’s E3.

First of all, it looks fantastic. I know the original Rage touted id Tech 5 at a time when that was new, and it looked pretty great. Some of the shots in this trailer are stunning though.

But other than that? It looks a lot like Avalanche’s Mad Max game from a few years ago, mixed in with Doom‘s super-agile shooting. That’s…one hell of a combo, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was shopped around as a Mad Max sequel before Bethesda picked it up and converted it to Rage 2, mixing a bit of id’s gun knowledge in for good measure.

I’m still not 100 percent sold on a new Rage—I found the first dreadfully boring. Tonight’s presentation piqued my interest though. I mean, again: Doom plus Mad Max? That’s at least worth paying some attention to. Look for it in spring 2019.

Elder Scrolls

Next, Bethesda touted its new Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset expansion ($40 on Humble), which launched recently. Rather than regurgitating Bethesda’s PR-speak, here’s our review. The next DLC to come out will be called Wolfhunter, based on werewolves, and a story DLC called Murkmire later this year will delve deeper into Argonian culture.

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