Week 4 Challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale’s Season 4 are here and this page lists tips and tricks to completing each and every one, including the the storm circle challenge and the battle token hidden between a bench, an ice cream truck, and a helicopter. Clear at least four of the seven challenges to earn 5000XP. This set was released on May 22, 2018.

For a look at all the challenges from both Season 4 and Season 3, check out our Weekly Challenges page.

Deal 1000 damage to opponents using Assault Rifles. These guys are pretty common but here are all the weapons that will count:

If you’re okay with lessening your chances of winning, use only assault rifles to force yourself to only use assault rifles. These are one of the most common weapons in the game so it won’t be long until you’ve completed this challenge!

Open seven chests in Wailing Woods. This one will take a while as there are only five chests in Wailing Woods that count for this challenge. Each one is located at the base of the four giant trees in the hedge maze, along with one inside the small fort at the center. Check our interactive map for the locations – and help us add any we missed!

Thanks to the challenge, a barrage of people will land in Wailing Woods, most of which will ultimately leave disappointed. Only five chests spawn here and you’re not even guaranteed that they will appear in your match. Add the fact that there are 10+ other players looking for the same chests and you’re looking at one of the toughest challenges yet.

Wait for the Battle Bus to show a path that is far from Wailing Woods. The number of people landing there will decrease, giving you a better chance at securing chest.

If you’re just interested in getting some kills, land nearby Wailing Woods where you can easily get a weapon, then immediately head into the woods to find other players without weapons running around like headless chickens.

Find and open seven different ammo boxes in the same match. These little green boxes are everywhere but they are easy to miss if you don’t look carefully. You’ll find them inside buildings in most rooms. Look behind couches, under stairs, behind counters, and in plain site too. Make it a habit to find these small crates, having extra ammo is absolutely worth it in the end!

This challenge asks you to reach the center of three different storm circles within the same match. Look for a purble beam of light indicating the center. When you draw near, you’ll see a floating emblem of a purple lightning bolt. No need to grab it yourself, getting close enough will get it to vanish.

The tricky part is doing it three times during a match. For the first one, aim for the center of the map after you jump out of the Battle Bus to better your chances of landing near the spot. Since each circle will be smaller with each round, the chances of running into another storm circle center increases.

If you really want to get a head start on this challenge, jump off the Battle Bus at the center of the map and immediately deploy your glider. Slowly glide down and wait for the timer to drain so that it can reveal the storm circle before you land. Once you see the general center, glide over to that area and look for the purple beam from above.

EditSearch between a Bench, Ice Cream Truck, and a Helicopter

This challenge has you finding a secret battle token, this time asking you to search between a bench, an ice cream truck, and a helicopter. All these points of interest can be found in the one and only Moisty Mire.

The bench is located on the west side of the swamp, south of the prison. The ice cream truck is on the east side inside the swampy waters. The helicopter is at the new movie set on the south side. The battle token will appear somewhere where all three meet.

The exact location of the battle token can be found at the top of quadrant I9, east of the treehouse. Use our map above to pinpoint the exact location!

Take out a single opponent using a trap. Unfortunately, the Damage Trap was recently nerfed and will only do 75 damage using a trap. This means your enemy will have to have 75 health or lower to make it count.

Place these on the ceiling near doors to get careless players who barge into houses and buildings. You can even place one down when an enemy is already standing there.

Trap eliminations may seem complex, but they’re actually quite easy. If you manage to land at Tilted Towers, find a trap and place it in an active area and in a place you can’t clearly see it. Don’t put them in corners where people don’t normally go. Try putting down some bait, like a very good gun or a high rarity, then place the trap above it. This lures them in and aids you in killing them.

Take down three opponents in Snobby Shores, the small row of extravagant houses on the west side of the map that features a little neighborhood features with a lot of great loot spawns and a number of chests.

Many players will land on the roofs of houses and clear the house of loot before moving on to the next one. Use this time to swoop in, grab a weapon, and take out your enemy.

In the first house, the south most one, don’t forget to check the underground bunker. You can find the entrance in the bedroom behind a wardrobe or you can simply break through the floor to get down. There are two chest spawns down there.

As you explore the other houses, don’t forget about the backyards. The second house has a chest behind the outdoor bar and the fourth house has one on the bench against the back wall.

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