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There’s so much to adore about Google Home that CNET’s Dale Smith recently wrote a love letter to the smart speaker, explaining 5 ways Google Home stole his heart from Alexa. Did you know, for example, that you can just say “stop” to end a Google timer, no wake word required? It’s a small thing, but super convenient. Now’s a good time to stock up on some smart speakers. For a limited time, you can get two Google Home smart speakers and a Google Nest Mini for $99 when you use discount code JYO2 at checkout.

That’s crazy, folks. Google Home is usually $99 each and the Nest Mini is $50, which means this is a $250 value for $99. This deal is exclusively at BuyDig, and no one else even comes close — Google Home smart speakers are selling for full price both at the Google store and Best Buy, for example.

By now, I doubt there’s much you don’t already know about Google Home. It’s always been a tight race with Amazon’s Echo family of smart speakers, and each have their advantages. But Google generally has a lead in the usefulness of the kinds of answers you can get — Google does what Googles does best, while Alexa continues to shrug her shoulders an awful lot. For a detailed overview, read CNET’s review of Google Home. And don’t dilly-dally, because I guarantee you this deal won’t be around long.

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5 underappreciated features of your Google Home


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