This page contains information on the ongoing weekly updates and events for GTA Online

GTA 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online regularly roll out special rewards and weekly discounts. This week is no different, with big bonuses and new Content Creator rollouts. Check back here every weekend for your one-stop look at every GTA Online weekly update.

  • New Adversary Mode: Trap Door
    Teams equipped with an arsenal of weaponry battle on a rapidly shrinking platform high above the ocean. Kills banish your opponents to respawn in a “red zone” – an area that offers only seconds to escape to the mainland before a fatal plummet begins.
  • 2x RP & GTA$ Rewards
    Trap Door
    Biker Business Sell Missions
    Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions (Double GTA$ only)
  • Discounts
    30% Off Executive Garages
    40% Off Mammoth Hydra (Fighter Jet)
    25% Off Coil Cyclone
    25% Off Declasse Hotring Sabre
    25% Off Lampadati Viseris
    25% Off Ubermacht SC1
    25% Off Vapid Caracara
    25% Off Vapid GB200
    25% Off Vulcar Fagaloa
    25% Off Ammo
    25% Off Assault Rifles
    25% Off Shotguns
    25% Off Sniper Rifles
    25% Off Doomsday Heist Tattoos
  • New Premium Race: Trench II (Muscle Cars)
  • New Time Trial: Up Chilliad
  • Business Week Bonus GTA$ will be deposited this week.

“Business Week” in GTA Online includes daily cash giveaways for each successive day you log in, Rockstar Stunt and Special Vehicle Circuit Races (with double rewards and RP) and a big list of vehicles including the Overflod Tyrant (now available at Legendary Motorsport) and the Vapid Dominator GTX and Southern San Andreas (at Super Autos).

There’s also a Red Dead Redemption 2 Double-Action Revolver to be unlocked!

From Rockstar:

Southern San Andreas is rewarding the entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens; whether you’re fresh off the plane at LSIA or a longstanding VIP, everyone who logs in to GTA Online this week will qualify for a state sponsored gift of GTA$250K. To keep your hustle running like clockwork, they’ll also slide you an additional GTA$150K for each subsequent day you log in to GTA Online this week, through May 14th. Earn over GTA$1,000,000 for participating every day. All bonus cash awards will be deposited into your Maze Bank account between May 15th and May 21st.

From Rockstar:

The Vapid Dominator GTX is the muscle car reborn: half brute force, half pristine performance and all American. When you’re looking to make shockwaves through the streets of Southern San Andreas, look no further. The Dominator GTX, only at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

From Rockstar:

The Overflod Tyrant is a testament to human ingenuity. We’re not sure who’s more impressive: the team of engineers who’ve taken us as close as possible to installing a gear stick and a steering wheel in the front of a hurricane, or the team of lawyers who got it classified as road legal. Take your pick and grab your Overflod Tyrant today, exclusively from Legendary Motorsport.

From Rockstar:

  • Double Cash on Contact Missions, Rockstar Stunt Races & Special Vehicle Circuit
  • Since excess is all the rage these days, we’re giving you a trio of modes to earn double rewards in as well.
  • Keep an eye on your iFruit for money making opportunities from some familiar faces or load up any Contact Mission using the in-game menu to earn Double GTA$ & RP through May 14th.
  • Rockstar Stunt Races are also dishing out bonus GTA$ & RP to all competitors, and double payouts continue to roll on for the Special Vehicle Circuit, giving jetpack fliers and deep sea speedsters plenty of ways to profit off their lust for adrenaline.

From Rockstar:

  • Let the club know you’re packing while flaunting your love for their services with the Vanilla Unicorn T-Shirt and Black Ammu-Nation Cap, both free unlocks to all who log in to GTA Online by May 14th.
  • And if you’re looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2 after this past week’s trailer and previews, and have yet to unearth the Double-Action Revolver in GTA Online, make sure to check the inbox on your in-game iFruit for the first clue to unlocking this antique in both GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2. Look for another lost relic from the frontier to be unearthed in Los Santos later this year.

From Rockstar:

You can’t rule Southern San Andreas from your momma’s basement—you need to own turf and this week every major business property type is getting a price cut to make your dreams of world domination a reality. Once your business operations are up and running, take advantage of one of the several speedy vehicles on sale throughout the week to travel quickly between them. And when it’s time to escape the heat, hop into the flying fortress that is the Mammoth Avenger and leave the LSPD in your dust.

Check out the full breakdown for this week’s discounts below.

  • New Special Vehicle Races:
    Races featuring the Imponte Deluxo, Ocelot Stromberg and Mammoth Thruster (jetpack).
    • Deluxo Races
      Stadium Flyover: The whole stadium is on its feet waiting for the all-American finale: a low-level flyover by levitating sports cars.
      Raton Race: Raton Canyon is the kind of rugged terrain that makes any red-blooded adrenaline junkie reach for their climbing boots— or the keys to their flying car.
      Cresting: Whether you’re driving, surfing the waves, soaring above the mountains, or doing all the above in your Deluxo – there’s nothing quite like the San Andreas coastline.
      Techno: This is no edible-fueled night in Los Santos – when your car takes off and starts flying, that’s every bit as real as the psychedelic tunnels and rings of fire.
    • Stromberg Races:
      Spindrift: As an underwater labyrinth strewn with naval mines gradually reveals itself, try to remember that every moment of paralyzed terror is a moment off your lap time.
      The Kraken: Fair warning. If you’ve ever had bad calamari, this one is probably not for you.
      Plunge: Every pro racer knows to keep a finger on submersible mode when there’s suddenly no more track and you’re soaring into the stratosphere with only the ocean as your landing pad.
    • Thruster Jetpack Races:
      Vinewood Air Tours: Welcome to the high life— the neon glow of the city, the Vinewood sign shining from the hills, 1,000 pounds of thrust roaring at your back and the prospect of horrifying mid-air collisions.
      Chiliad Drop: One minute you’re soaring over the summit of Mount Chiliad, the next you’re strafing into a cliff with only some rocket fuel and the promise of bragging rights to cushion the blow.
      FlyLo Challenge: The survival rate in a Los Santos road tunnel at rush hour could only get lower if road-raging maniacs ditched their cars and used jetpacks instead. But that would never happen.
  • Double GTA$ & RP Rewards:
    All 30 Special Vehicle Races (for the Deluxo, Stromber, Thruster, Blazer Aqua, Rocket Voltic and Ruiner 2000)
    SecuroServe Special Vehicle Work missions
  • 25% off Special Vehicles:
    Blazer Aqua (amphibious ATV)
    Imponte Deluxo (flight-enabled/weapobized steel-bodied sports car)
    Mammoth Thruster (personal jetpack)
    Ocelot Stromberg (amphibious / submersible sports car)
    Rocket Voltic (jet-fuel boosted super car)
    Ruiner 2000 (weaponized muscle car w/ hydraulic jump and parachute)
  • New Premium Race: Downtown Loop (Rocket Voltic)
  • New Time Trial: Fort Zancudo
  • 2X GTA$ & RP Rewards:
    Hotring Circuit Races
    Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions
    The Vespucci Job
  • Free Unlock: Skulls Livery

    Unlock this skin for the Anti-Aircraft Trailer by logging into GTA Online before April 30, 2018.
  • 40% Off Aircraft:
    Buckingham Howard NX-25
    Buckingham Pyro
    LF-22 Starling
    Mammoth Mogul
    Mammoth Tula
    Nagasaki Havok
    Nagasaski Ultralight
    P-45 Nokota
    RM-10 Bombushka
  • 30% Off Classic Super/Sports Cars:
    Grotti Visione
    Coil Cyclone
    Vapid Retinue
  • 25% Off Vehicle Upgrades:
    Aircraft Handling
    Aircraft Weapons
    Armor (All Vehicles)
    40% off Liveries
  • 25% Off Clothing and Accessories:
    Air Racing & Flight Suits
    Parachute Bags/Canopies/Smoke Trails
    Smuggler’s Run Clothing Items
  • New Premium Race: Surf and Turf (Blazer Aqua)
  • New Time Trial: End to End
  • Coming Soon: Special Vehicle Races

    Stunt Races updated for jetpacks, flying Deluxos and the amphibious Stromberg will be introduced next week on May 1st.

  • New Adversary Mode: The Vespucci Job
    Inspired by the classic chase sequence in 1969’s The Italian Job, (and, we guess the 2003 remake, too), The Vespucci Job is a four-player Adversary Mode that pits three drivers in cop cars against a lone wheelman in a smaller, more maneuverable Weeny Issi Classic.
    The wheelman has to guide the Issi through as many checkpoints as they can, leading the cops through narrow alleys, tight turns and down flights of stairs, while the cops objective is to make sure the Issi doesn’t reach the next checkpoint.
    Players can earn 2X RP & GTA$ in The Vespucci Job through April 23, 2018.
  • 3 New Vehicles:

    Weeny Issi Classic (Compact)
    $360,000 at Southern San Andreas Super Autos

    Vapid Flash GT (Sports)
    $1,675,000 at Legendary Motorsport

    Sea Sparrow (Amphibious Helicopter)
    $1,815,000 at Elitas Travel
    Optional Upgrades: Machine Gun and Missile Launcher
  • 2X GTA$ Salaries for Bodyguards and Associates
  • 35 % off the Phantom Wedge Special Vehicle
  • 25% Discount on…
    Albany Hermès
    Karin 190z
    Vapid Hustler
    Vehicle Mods
    Bullet Proof Tires
    Liveries (including aircraft)
    Resprays (including aircraft)
    Tire Smoke
  • 4/20 Discounts & Bonuses (Available only on April 20th)
    Weed business sales earn 50% more profit
    50% off Weed Businesses
    50% off Weed Business Upgrades
    50% off green tire smoke
  • New Premium Race: In the City (Sports)
  • New Time Trial: Mount Gordo

EditApril 10 – 16, 2018: Contraband Week

  • 2X RP & GTA$ in…
    Gunrunning Sell Missions
    Target Assault Races
  • 50% increase to Bunker Research development
  • Bunker Discounts:
    50% off Farmhouse Bunker
    45% off Thomson Scrapyard Bunker
    40% off Smoke Tree Road Bunker
    30% off Bunker Upgrades & Renovations
    25% off Mk II Weapon Upgrades

  • Vehicle Discounts:
    30 % off Mobile Operations Center Cabs & Trailer Bays*25% off HVY APC
    25% off BF Duve FAV
    25% off Declasse Weaponized Tampa
    25% off HVY Nightshark
    25% off Pfister Neon
    25% off Overflod Autarch
  • New Premium Race: The Loop (Rocket Voltic)
  • New Time Trial: Great Ocean Highway
  • Coming Soon: The Vespucci Job Adversary Mode
    A team of cops has to take out crooks in an Italian-made mini cars.
    New vehicles from Legendary Motorsport & Elitas Travel.

  • New Race Mode: Target Assult
    Pairs of players jump into weaponized vehicles and race towards a finish line. One player drives, the other shoots and tries to eliminate targets around the racetrack from their mounted gun, while to other tries to stay at the head of the pack and outmaneuver the other racers. The gunner and driver switch roles and the end of each lap.
    Players can earn 2X GTA$ & RP in Target Assault Races this week.
  • New Weaponized Vehicle: Vapid Caracara
    $1,775,000 on Warstock
    The Caracara is a weaponized Off-Road pickup with a mounted machine gun on the back, which can be upgraded to a 7.62mm minigun.
  • 30% Off Assault and Weaponized Vehicles:
    Mammoth Avenger Flying Fortress
    Turreted Limo
    HVY Barrage
    HVY Insurgent
    Brute Armored Boxville
    Karin Technical
    Karin Technical Aqua
  • Vehicle Upgrade Discounts:
    30% off Weapons Workshop (Mammoth Avenger)
    30% off Vehicle Workshop (Mammoth Avenger)
    50% off Vehicle Workshop (Mobile Ops Center)
    30% off Mammoth Avenger Styles
    25% Off:
    Engine Upgrades
    Vehicle Armor
  • New Premium Race: Lift Off (Super)
  • New Time Trial: Observatory
  • New Vehicle: Pegassi Tezeract (Super Car)
    $2,825,000 on Legendary Motorsport
  • New Vehicle: Vapid Ellie (Muscle)
    $565,000 on SSASA
  • Bonus GTA$ and RP
    2X Rewards in the new Hotring Circuit continue.
    2X GTA$ earnings from Special Cargo Sales.
    2x salaries for Associates and Bodyguards.
  • Property & Vehicle Discounts:
    50% off Fort Zancudo Hangar A2
    50% off Special Cargo Warehouses
    35% off Smoke Tree Road Bunker
    30% off Arcadius Business Center
    30% off Aquarius Yacht
    30% off FH-1 Hunter (Attack Helicopter)
  • 25% Off Select Vehicle Upgrades:
    Exhaust Systems (including JATO)
    Turbo Boost
  • New Premium Race:Steeplechase (Ruiner 2000)
  • New Time Trial: Del Perro Pier</ignvideo>
  • New Vehicle: Pegassi Tezeract (Super Car)
    $2,825,000 on Legendary Motorsport
  • New Vehicle: Vapid Ellie (Muscle)
    $565,000 on SSASA
  • Bonus GTA$ and RP
    2X Rewards in the new Hotring Circuit continue.
    2X GTA$ earnings from Special Cargo Sales.
    2x salaries for Associates and Bodyguards.
  • Property & Vehicle Discounts:
    50% off Fort Zancudo Hangar A2
    50% off Special Cargo Warehouses
    35% off Smoke Tree Road Bunker
    30% off Arcadius Business Center
    30% off Aquarius Yacht
    30% off FH-1 Hunter (Attack Helicopter)
  • 25% Off Select Vehicle Upgrades:
    Exhaust Systems (including JATO)
    Turbo Boost
  • New Premium Race:Steeplechase (Ruiner 2000)
  • New Time Trial: Del Perro Pier

  • New Race Mode: Hotring Circuit
    Stock car races for up to 30 players in the new Declasse Hotring.
    Offering 2xRP & GTA$ rewards through 3/26.
  • 5 New Vehicles:
    <Cheval Taipan: $1,980,000 (Legendary Motorsport)
    Declasse HotringSabre: $830,000 (SSASA)
    Entity XXR: $2,305,000 (Legendary Motorsport)
    Vapid GB200: $980,000 (Legendary Motorsport)
    Vulcar Fagola: $335,000 (SSASA)
  • 30% off Properties:
    10 Car Garages
    Custom Auto Shops
    Executive Office Garages
    Penhouse Suites
  • 25% off Vehicle Upgrades:
    Bulletproof Tires
  • New Premium Race: Threading the Needle (Bikes)
  • New Time Trial: Down Chilliad
  • New Modes Coming Soon:
  • 2x RP & GTA$ Rewards:
    Adversary Mode: Occupy
    Bunker Adversary Modes
  • Property Discounts:
    30% off Land Act Reservoir Facility
    25% off Route 68 Facility
    20% off Lago Zancudo Facility
  • 25% Discounts on Aircraft:
    Alpha-Z1 (Lightweight Glider)
    Akula (Attack Chopper)
    RM-10 Bombushka (Heavy Bomber)
    Western Company Rogue (Fighter Plane)
  • Vehicle Discounts:
    25% off Benefactor Turreted Limo
    25% off Coil Cyclone
    25% off Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic
    25% off HVY APC
    25% off HYV Dump
    25% off Karin Technical
    30% off Progen T20
  • New Premium Race: Afterburner (Bikes)
  • New Time Trial: Raton Canyon

GTAO Oppressor-Tartan.jpg

  • Free Vehicle Livery: “Tartan” (Pegassi Oppressor)
  • Double RP & GTA$ Rewards
    Rockstar Created / Verified Stunt Races
  • Vehicle Discounts:
    35% off Annis RE-7B (Super)
    30% off Dewbauchee Vagner (Super)
    30% off Emperor ETR1 (Super)
    25% off Benefactor Streiter (Sports)
    25% offTropos Rallye (Sports)
    25% offVapid Trophy Truck (Off Road)
    25% offPegassi Torero (Sports Classic)
  • Upgrade & Customization Discounts:
    25% off Engine Upgrades
    25% off Transmission
    25% off Brakes
    25% off Exhausts (incl. JATO Thrust)
    25% off Spoilers
    25% off Turbo
    25% off Liveries
    25% off all Cunning Stunts Clothing
    25% discount on Ammo (excluding Mk II)
  • New Premium Race: Zebra II (Rocket Voltic)
  • New Time Trial: Power Station
  • San Andreas Tax Refunds
    If you logged into GTA Online between February 16 and 26, keep your eye on your Maze Bank statement, as you can be expecting a tax refund of $250,000 plus 10% of whatever you spent in the past two weeks.
  • New Vehicle: Pfister Comet SR (Sports)
    $1,145,000 on Legendary Motorsports
  • 2X GTA$ and RP Rewards:
    Gunrunning Sales Missions
    Special Vehicle Missions
    Adversary Mode: Air Quota
    Rockstar-Created Transform Races
  • 30% Discounts:
    Mobile Operations Center Cabs
    HVY Insurgent Pickup
    HVY Nightshark
  • 25% Discounts:
    Declasse Yosemite (Muscle Car)
    Facility Rennovation: Graphics
    Facility Rennovation: Security Room
    Facility Rennovation: Style
    Mammoth Avenger (Aircraft)
    P-966 Lazer (Aircraft)
    Vapid Riata (Off-Road)
    Volatol (Aircraft)
    Western Company Seabreeze (Aircraft)
  • New Premium Race: City Air (Sports Cars)
  • New Time Trial: Vinewood Bowl

  • 2018 San Andreas Tax Refund & Rebate
    Log in before February 26, 2018 to receive a $250,000 stimulus package. You’ll also earn a 10% rebate one every dollar you spend through the 26th, up to a total refund of GTA$1Million.
  • New Vehicle: Karin 190z (Sports Classic)
  • $900,000 on Legendary Motorsport
  • Bonus RP & GTA$:
    2x GTA$ and RP on Smuggler’s Run sales missions.
  • 30% Discounts
    Luxury Yacht Renovations
    Mobile Operations Center Cabs
    Mobile Operations Center Renovations
    Gunrunning Bunker Renovations
    Ocelot Pariah (Sports)
    Ocelot XA-21 (Super)
    Coil Raiden (Sports)
  • 25% Discounts
    Biker Business Upgrades & Supplies
    Special Cargo Crates
    Aircraft Workshops
    Doomsday Heist Clothing
    Import/Export Tattoos
  • New Premium Race: Damned (Ruiner 2000)
  • New Time Trial: Calafia Way

GTAOcar VapidHustler.jpg

  • New Vehicle: Vapid Hustler
    $ 625,000 on Legendary Motorsport
    2-seater classic muscle car
  • 2x RP & GTA$ Rewards in…
    Til Death Do Us Part
    Lost vs Damned
  • 2x GTA$ Salaries
    VIP Bodyguards
    CEO Associates
  • 35% Discounts:
    HVY Barrage
    Riot Control Vehicle
  • 25% Discounts on..
    • Properties
      10-Car Garages & Properties
      Executive Offices
      High-End Apartments
      Stilt Houses
    • Vehicles
      Albany Roosevelt
      Albany Roosevelt Valor
      Nagasaki Shotaro
      Ocelot Stromberg
      Buzzard Atttack Helicopter
    • Clothing & Customization:
      Doomsday Heist Tattoos
      Smuggler’s Run Clothing
      Valentine’s Day Clothing
    • Misc:
      Gusenberg Sweeper SMG
      Executive Assistant Services
      Benny’s Motor Works Upgrades
  • New Premium Race: Turbine (Off-Road vehicles)
  • New Time Trial: LSIA

GTAOBattleBonus 1280.jpg

  • 2x RP & GTA$ Rewards in:
    Hardest Target
    Motor Wars
  • New Vehicle: Canis Kamacho
    $345,000 from
  • Free Ammu-Nation T-Shirt
    Log in before Feb 13th, 2018 to unlock.
  • Warstock Cache & Carry Discounts:
    25% off Mammoth Avenger
    25% off HVY Chernobog (Weaponized)
    40% off Bravado Half-Track (Weaponized)
    35% off Vom Feuer Anti-Aircraft Trailer (Weaponized)
    40% off Weaponized Declasse Tampa (Weaponized)
  • Weapon Workshop Discounts:
    30% off costs to upgrade to Mk II weapon
    50% off Mk II Ammo (all types)
    25% off Mk II Magazines
    25% off Mk II Scopes
    25% off Mk II Muzzles
    25% off Mk II Weapon Liveries
  • Ammu-Nation Discounts:
    50% off Ammo
    30% off Assault Rifles
    30% off Sniper Rifles
    30% off Melee Weapons
    30% off Body Armor
    30% off RPGs
  • Additional Discounts:
    30% off Aircraft Weapons in Hangar Workshop
    25% off Security Room upgrades to Facilities

New Premium Race: Bumblebee (Rocket Voltic)


  • New Vehicle: Pfister Neon (Sports) 
    1,500,000 on Legendary Motorsport
  • New Adversary Mode: Hardest Target – Each team is tasked with hunting the Target on the other team while both teams also need to protect their own. Bonus points are awarded for Target vs Target combat. The Target changes every minute.
  • 2X RP & GTA$ Rewards:
    Hardest Target
  • 25% Discount:
    Farmhouse BunkerThomson Scrapyard Bunker
    Bunker Renovations (styles and add-ons)
    Mobile Operations Center Caps 
    Special Cargo Warehouses
    Executive Office Renovations
    LF-22 Starling (Buy it Now & Trade Price)
    Grotti Cheetah Classic
    Vehicle armor 
    Bulletproof tires
  • New Premium Race: Rally (Sports)
  • New Time Trial: Casino
  • 25% Boost on Special Cargo Deliveries and Gunrunning Research and Manufacturing

  • 2X RP & GTA$ Rewards:
    Rockstar-created Land Races
    Rockstar-created Stunt Races
    Adversary Mode: Air Quota
    New Vehicle: Ubermacht Revolter (Sports)
    $1,610,000 on Legendary Motorsport
    Option Fixed Machine Guns available in MOC or Avenger
  • 30% Discount on Mk II Weapon Upgrades
    (Upgrading weapons to Mk II)
  • 25% Discount on…
    Benefactor Turreted Limo
    Mk II Magazines – 25% off
    Mk II Scopes – 25% off
    Mk II Muzzles – 25% off
    Mk II Weapon Liveries – 25% off
  • New Premium Race: Tube Rider (Ruiner 2000)
  • New Time Trial: Coast to Coast
  • New Vehicle: Grotti GT500 (Sports Classic)
    $785,000 on Legendary Motorsport
  • New Adversary Mode: Air Quota
    Up to 16 players join four teams to battle in the skies over San Andreas using a variety of different aircraft. Each team must achieve a set number of kill points in order to advance to the next vehicle typle – the first team to complete all six tiers (or that has progressed the furthest) in the time alotted is crowned the victor.
  • New 25% Discounts:
    Facility Styles
    Facility Graphics
    Facility Security Room
    Buckingham Pyro (plane)
    HVY Nightshark (Weaponized Vehicle)
  • New Premium Race: Plummet (Super cars)
  • New Time Trial: Tongva Valley

  • New Vehicle: Lampadati Viseris (Sports Classic)
    $ 875,000 on Legendary Motorsport
    Can be upgraded in Vehicle Workshop (Mobile Ops / Avenger) with armor / machine guns.
  • 2X RP & GTA$ Rewards:
    All Contact Missions: Lester
  • 25% Discounts:
    Nagasaki Ultralight (Plane)
    Aircraft Weapons
    Vehicle Armor
    Headlights & Neons
  • New Premium Race: Island Hopping (Blazer Aqua)
  • New Time Trial: Maze Bank Arena
  • New Vehicle: Annis Savestra (Sports Classics)
    $990,000 on Legendary Motorsport
    Can be upgraded / weaponized in Vehicle Workshop
  • 2X RP & GTA$ Rewards
    Slashers Adversary Mode
    Occupy Adversary Mode
  • Vehicle Discounts:
    • 25% Off:
      FH-1 Hunter Attack Helicopter
      HVY APC Weaponized Transport
      Ocelot Ardent (Weaponized)
      P-45 Nokota Airplane
    • 30%Off:
      Coil Cyclone
      Grotti Visione
    • 50% Off Mobile Operations Center (Cabs only)
  • New Premium Race: Duel (Muscle Cars)
  • New Time Trial: Up N Atom

  • New Vehicle: Overflod Autarch (Supercar)
    $1,955,000 on Legendary Motorsport
  • New Adversary Mode: Slashers
    Two teams face off in pitch darkness, one armed with machetes and shotguns, the other with night vision and flashlights. The goal is for one team to eliminate the other, though they’ll be switching back and forth between hunter and hunted every minute.
  • 2X RP & GTA$ Rewards
    Slashers Adversary Mode
    Occupy Adversary Mode
  • Holiday Bonus Discounts Continued through 2018
  • Free Holiday Items:
    Santa Mask
    Elf Mask
    Reindeer Mask
    Gingerbread Man Mask
    NEW Reindeer Bodysuit
    NEW Gingerbread Bodysuit
    NEW Santa Claus BodysuitFirework Launcher
    Festive Clothing Options
    NEW Krampus Masks (available Dec 24/25)
  • New Adversary Mode: Occupy
    Two teams of up to eight players battle to control three points on a map while making use of Oppressor flying motorbikes and a host of weaponized vehicles and deadly item pickups.
  • New Vehicle: Ubermacht Sentinel Classic
    $650,000 on Southern San Andreas SuperAutos
  • Holiday Bonuses & 30% Discounts:
    2x RP & GTA$ in Occupy
    Arcadius Business Center Office
    Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499
    Pegassi Zentorno
    Armored Karin Kuruma
    Nagasaki Buzzard
    HVY Insurgent
  • New Premium Races:
    Dec 19-25: H200 (Sports Cars)
    Dec 26 – Jan 1: Double Loop (Super Cars)
  • New Time Trials:
    Dec 19-25: Sawmill
    Dec 26 – Jan 1: Cypress Flats

  • New Aircraft: P-996 Lazer (Military Jet)
    Price: $6,500,000
    This military fighter jet is the same as the ones found around the world, but can be resprayed with custom paint jobs.
  • Transform Race Creator
    New items added to the Content Creator that allows players to build their own Transform races, including vehicle-change checkpoints and new props.
  • 2x RP & GTA$ Rewards (Through December 11)
    Biker Contract Missions
    Bodyguard & Associate Salaries
    Every Bullet Counts
    Inch By Inch
    Motor Wars
    Running Back
    Special Vehicle Work
    Transform Races
  • 25% Discount onl…
    Executive Offices
    Executive Garages
    MC Clubhouses
    Mobile Operations Center
    Weaponized Tampa
    HVY Nightshark
    Dune FAV
    Karin Technical
    A.A. Trailer
    Buzzard Attack Helicopter
  • 25% Increase in Gunrunning Manufacturing
  • New Premium Races:
    Nov 28 – Dec 4: Trench II (Muscle Cars)
    Dec 5 – 11: Pier Race (Super Cars)
  • New Time Trials:
    Nov 28 – Dec 4: Fort Zancudo
    Dec 5 – 11: Storm Drain
  • New Aircraft: Hunter Attack Helicopter
    Trade-In Price: $3,100,000
    Buy New: $4,123,000
    This hovering death machine comes equipped with fin-mounted machine guns and homing missiles standard, and can be upgraded with a bomb bay and RC .50cal turret that can be operated by the passenger.
  • 16 New Transform Race tracks
  • 2x RP & GTA$ in Transform Races
  • Free Clothing: White Jock Cranley Jumpsuit
  • 25% Discounts on…
    Progen Tyrus (Super)
    Dewbauchee Rapid GT (Sports)
    Engine Upgrades
    Handling Upgrades
  • New Premium Race: Redneck (Special: Rocket Voltic)
  • New Time Trial: End to End

  • New Vehicle: Coil Cyclone
    Supercar (Electric)
    $1,890,000 on
  • 2x RP & GTA$ Rewards:
    Adversary Mode: Motor Wars
    Transform Races (All)
  • 2x GTA$ Payouts for CEO Bodyguards & Associates
  • 25% Discounts on…
    Aircraft Weapons
    Anti-Aircraft Trailer (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
    Assault Rifles
    Biker Business Upgrades
    Biker Clubhouse Customization
    Gunrunning Tattoos
    Sniper Rifles
    Technical Aqua (Buy It Now & Trade price)
    Turreted Limo
    Ultralight (Buy It Now & Trade price)
  • New Premium Race: Zebra (Sports cars)
  • New Time Trial: Mount Gordo
  • New Aircraft: P-45 Nokota
    Based on classic WW2-era fighters, the Nokota comes standard with twin machine guns and can be upgraded with a set of homing missiles and countermeasures.
    Buy It Now Price: $2,653,350
    Trade-In Price: $1,995,000
  • New Adversary Mode: Dogfight
    Teams of up to five players face off in 1-v-1 dogfights. The team with the most victories wins.
  • 2x RP & GTA$ in Dogfight
  • 25% Discounts on…
    Executive Office Renovations
    Executive Garage Renovations
    Executive Auto Shop Renovations
    Body Armor
    Pegassi Torero (Sports Classic)
    Weaponized Dune FAV
    Bulletproof Tires
    Vehicle Armor
  • New Premium Race: Vinewood Downhill (Bikes)
  • New Time Trial: Great Ocean Highway

  • New Aircraft: Western Seabreeze
    Amphibious plane with a tail-mounted propeller.
    Trade Price: $850,000
    Buy-it-now: $1,130,500
    Upgradable w/ machine gun & bomb bay.
  • Halloween Day Bonuses: 2X RP & GTA$ (10/31 Only) in…
    • Lost vs Damned
    • Slasher
    • Beast vs Slasher
    • Come Out to Play
    • Transform Race: Inferno
  • Halloween Playlist: 2X RP & GTA$ (through Nov 6):
    • Transform Race: Inferno
    • Lost vs Damned
    • Slasher
  • 25% Discounts on Halloween items:
    Fränken Stange
    LCC Sanctus
    Duke O’Death
    Western Company Besra (Jet)
    Nagasaki Blazer Aqua
    Hangar Custom Shop Add-On
    Progen GP1 (Super)
    Grotti Cheetah Classic (Sports Classic)
    HVY Insurgent
    Lampadati Toro
    Melee Weapons
  • New Premium Race: Drop Ship (Ruiner 2000)
  • New Time Trial: Observatory

The October 27, 2017 update includes a Vigilante Weaponized Vehicle (basically a Batmobile), new Adversary mode (“Condemned Mode”), and a bunch of discounts and bonuses (PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC only). You’ll also get free money for logging in from November 6th to 13th — $400,000 in your their Maze Bank account.


Rockstar says the Vigilante is “[T]he ultimate instrument of vengeance. Equipped with rocket propulsion technology and front-mounted machine guns (with room for a missile upgrade), the Vigilante will strike fear and provide swift justice to those who come for your throne. Impose order on the streets of Los Santos with the Vigilante, available exclusively from Warstock Cache & Carry.”

There’s also a new Transform Race, Inferno, about which Rockstar says, “Soar through a hellish landscape in the Ultralight, transform into the Beast and leap through a burning wilderness, then rip through the streets in the Vigilante — and earn double payouts as all Transform Races continue to serve up Double GTA$ & RP through October 30th.”


Rockstar’s official description of the Halloween-themed Condemed mode is as follows: “There’s a dead man walking in Los Santos, and it could easily be you. Just in time for Halloween, the nightmarish Adversary Mode Condemned marks one unlucky player for imminent death: when the timer runs out, they’re worm food. Their only hope is to pass the bad news onto somebody else, and the only way to do that is by sending them on a short trip to a shallow grave. Last man standing wins. Earn Double GTA$ & RP in Condemned now through November 6th. Keeping the earnings going, Smuggler’s Sell Missions will also provide Double GTA$ & RP payouts to all participants through the 6th. And for the loyal associates who risk life and limb to execute your devilish deeds, Double GTA$ Salary payouts.”

In addition to the $400,000 award there are also other discounts including:

  • Halloween Masks and Facepaint return to at a 25% discount,
  • 25% off the Fränken Stange, the Lurcher and the demonic LCC Sanctus, all returning
  • All players will also be gifted a trio of classic in-game horror film t-shirts for logging in: the Cheerleader Massacre 3 T-Shirt, the Vinewood Zombie T-Shirt, and the Knife After Dark T-Shirt

  • All Hangars – 30% off
  • All Bunkers – 30% off
  • All Biker Clubhouses – 30% off
  • All Vehicle Warehouses – 30% off
  • Weaponized Tampa (both prices) – 30% off
  • Half-Track (both prices) – 30% off
  • Ramp Buggy (both prices) – 30% off
  • Phantom Wedge (both prices) – 30% off
  • Ruiner 2000 (both prices) – 30% off

  • Vapid Retinue – 30% off
  • Hijack Ruston – 30% off
  • Pegassi Infernus Classic – 30% off
  • Pegassi Vortex – 30% off
  • Nagasaki Shotaro – 30% off
  • Declasse Tornado Rat Rod – 30% off
  • Ocelot Penetrator – 30% off
  • Banshee 900R upgrade – 30% off
  • V-65 Molotok (both prices) – 30% off
  • New Aircraft: Buckingham Pyro (Warstock)
    Single jet engine craft with a twin boom design, the Pyro sports to fixed machine guns at the tip of each boom. It can be upgraded with Homing Missiles, as well as the full complement of armor, engine, handling and decal upgrades.
    Buy New Price: $4,455,500
    Trade-In Price: $3,350,000
  • 2X GTA$ & RP:
    Adversary Mode: Stockpile
    Adversary Mode: Motor Wars
  • 25% Bonus Rewards:
    Gunrunning Research + Manufacturing
    Biker Business Production
  • 25% Discounts on…
    Ft. Zancudo Hangar 3499
    Thompson’s Scrapyard Bunker
    Bunker Renovations
    Rocket Voltic
    Lampadati Tropos Rallye
    Armored Kuruma
    Benny’s Upgrades
  • New Premium Stunt Race: “Raton” (Super Cars)
  • New Time Trial: “Raton Canyon”

  • New Aircraft: Mammoth Mogul
    Twin-propeller airplane that comes with a single-gun manned .50cal turret and nose-mounted machine gun. Can be upgraded with Jet-Assisted Takeoff (JATO) capabilities, a dual-gun turret and twin nose-mounted guns, plus additional armor and countermeasures.
    Buy-it-now price: $3,125,500
    Trade-in price: $2,350,000
  • New Adversary Modes: Stockpile
    An airborne take on Capture the Flag, four teams compete to acquire as many tokens as they can while also stealing them from opposing crews.
  • 2X RP & GTA$ Reward Payouts in…
    Adversary Mode: Stockpile
    Contact Missions: Ron Janowski
  • 25% Discounts on…
    Hangar Workshop
    Engine Upgrades (all vehicles)
    Armor Upgrades (all vehicles)
    Aircraft Handling Upgrades
    Aircraft Weapons Upgrades
    Flight and Air Racing Suits
    Mobile Operation Center Cabs
    APC(both Buy it Now & Trade Price
    Progen T20 (Super)
  • New Premium Race: Around The Docks (Motorbikes)
  • New Time Trial:Power Station
  • New Aircraft: Buckingham Howard NX-25
    Civillian aircraft based on classic racing planes.
    Can be equipped with Countermeasures and Armor & Engine upgrades but no weapons.
  • 2X RP & GTA$ Reward Payouts in…
    Adversary Mode: Bombushka Run
    Bunker Series Adversary Modes
  • 25% Increase on…
    Motorcycle Club business goods
    Gunrunning bunker Research & Manufacturing
  • Discounts on the following:
    • 40% off: Buckingham Swift helicopter (no livery)
    • 35% off:
      Buckingham Swift helicopter (both liveries)
      Savage Attack Helicopter
    • 25% off:
      Ft Zancudo Hangar A2
      Hangar Floor Graphics & Lighting
      Annis RE-7B supercar
      Western Nightblade motorcycle
      Principe Lectro motorcycle
    • 15% off: LSIA Hangar 1
  • New Premium Race: Wall Climb (Supercars)
  • New Time Trial: Vinewood Bowl

  • New Plane: RM-10 Bombushka
    Heavy bomber with 3 available mounted turrets. Room for six and can be upgraded with countermeasures and a bomb bay.
  • New Adversary Mode: Bombushka Run
    One team attempts to pilot + crew a bomber across the map while the other attempts to destroy the plane with attack helicopters. Whichever team can keep the Bombushka in the air longest wins.
  • 2X RP & GTA$ Rewards in Bombushka Run
  • 25% Discount on…
    Aircraft Hangar Workshops
    Aircraft Weapons
    MOC Truck Cabs
    Executive Offices
  • New Premium Race: Water Slide (Special Vehicle: Blazer Aqua)
  • New Time Trial: Calafia Way
  • New Vehicle: Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic
    $885,000 on Legendary Motorsport
  • 2X RP & GTA$ Rewards:
    Adversary Mode: Motor Wars
    Smuggler’s Run Cargo Sell missions
  • 2X GTA$ Payouts:
    SecuroServ Associate & Bodyguard salaries
    Stun Race payouts
  • 25% Discounts on…
    Truffade Nero
    Pegassi Tempesta
    Engine and Armor Upgrades (Aircraft & Cars)
    Aircraft Countermeasures
  • Premium Stunt Race:Big M (Motorcycles)
  • Time Trial: LSIA

  • 25% Discounts on…
    Pegassi Reaper
    Progen Itali GTB(base price + upgrade)
    Imponte Nightshade
    Invetero Coquette Classic (both models)
    Bravado Half-Track (both prices)
    Body Armor
    Vehicle Armor including Aircraft(Cars/Aircraft)
    Bulletproof Tires
    Standard Ammo (does not include Mk II specific ammo)
  • 2X RP & GTA$ Rewards in Motor Wars
  • Free Shrewsbury Logo Tee
  • New Premium Race: Criss Cross (Ruiner 2000)
  • New Time Trial: Route 68
  • Snapmatic Photo Contest
    Best 5 photos win $1,000,000 GTA$
  • 25% Discounts On…
    Anti-Aircraft Trailer
    Karin Technical
    HVY Insurgent Pick-Up
    Armored Boxville
    BF Raptor
  • In-Game Rockstar Swag
  • New Premium Race: Gauntlet (Super Cars)
  • New Time Trial: Casino

  • New Vehicle: Ocelot Ardent (Weaponized Sports Car)
    $1,150,000 on Warstock
    Equipped w/ front-mounted machine guns
  • 2x GTA$ & RP Bonus Rewards
    Bunker Series
    Vehicle Vendetta
    Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions
  • 25% Discounts on:
    Smoke Tree Road Bunker
    Vehicle Cargo Warehouses
    Executive Office Spaces
    Rocket Voltic
    Cognoscenti 55
    Schafter LWB
  • 25% Gunrunning Research Rate Boost
  • Premium Race: Pulse (Rocket Voltic)
  • Time Trial: Coast to Coast
  • New Vehicle: Ocelot XA-21 (Super Car)
    $2.375,000 from Legendary Motorsport
  • Double RP & GTA$ Rewards:
    Gunrunning Sales Missions
  • 25% Discount on:
    Anti-Aircraft Trailer
    Phantom Wedge (Special Vehicle)
    Hydra (Jet)
    Valkyrie (Helicopter)
    Gunrunning Clothing & Tattoos
  • Free COIL Company T-shirt
    Complete a Gunrunning sale.
  • Premium Race:Plummet II (Super Cars)
  • Time Trial: Tonga Valley

  • New Vehicle: HVY Nightshark
    $1,245,000 on Warstock
    Seats 4 Passengers
    Upgrade w/ front-mounted machine guns.
  • New Adversary Mode: Overtime Shootout
    Launch Ruiner 2000 towards scoring platforms.
  • 2x GTA$ Rewards:
    Overtime Shootout (w/ 2X RP)
  • 25% Discounts On:
    Dewbauchee Vagner (Supecar)Mobile Operations Centers
    M.O.C. Upgrades / Renovations
    Weaponized Vehicle Mods
    Mk. II Ammo
  • Premium Race: Mountain Drop (Bikes)
  • Time Trial: Maze Bank Arena
  • Customize the HVY Insurgent in your Mobile Ops Center
    Add new mounted weapons, proximity mines and more.
  • 2x RP & $GTA Rewards in:
    • Adversary Mode: Power Mad
    • Adversary Mode: Deadline
    • Mobile Operation Missions
  • Property Discounts: Bunkers
    • Farmhouse Bunker – 30% off
    • Smoke Tree Road Bunker – 25% off
    • Grapeseed Bunker – 10% off
  • 25% Discounts:
    • Bunker Renovations
    • Bunker Upgrades
    • Garage Properties
    • Super Car: Grotti X80 Proto
    • Sports Car: Ocelot Lynx
  • Premium Race: Target (Ruiner 2000)
  • Time Trial: Up N Atom

  • New Adversary Mode: Power Mad (2x RP & GTA$ Rewards)
    Teams compete to survive and score points with a Juggernaut power-up before getting killed.
  • New Vehicle: Pegassi Torero
    $998,000 on Legendary Motorspor
  • 25% Boost to Gunrunning Research
  • 25% Discount on:
    Machine Guns
    Asssault Rifles
    Sniper Rifles
    Engine Upgrades
    Gunrunning Mobile Ops Center workshop modules
  • New Premium Race:
    Trench III (Motorcycles)
  • New Time Trial:
    Cypress Flats
  • New Vehicle: Karin Technical and Karin Technical Custom upgrade
  • Gunrunning Manufacturing Boost
  • New Clothing: Black Ammu-Nation Hoodie (Complete a Gunrunning Sell Mission)
  • Arms Manufacturing Boost +25%
  • 2x RP & GTA$ in Overtime Rumble
  • Vehicle and Armor Discounts: 25% off
    • Phantom Wedge
    • Annihilator
    • Buzzard
    • Vehicle Armor
    • Bullet Proof Tires
  • Premium Race Schedules:
    • July 18 – 24 “Into the Dam”
  • Time Trial Schedules:

  • New Adversary Mode, Overtime Rumble
    Teams of players guide Ruiner 2000s through the sky in order to strike a landing pad as precisely as possible. Think darts but at 2,000 feet in 3-ton muscle cars.
  • 2x RP & GTA$ in Overtime Rumble
  • New Vehicle: Grotti Cheetah Classic
    $865,000 on Legendary Motorsport
  • Executive Discounts:
    • Maze Bank West – 25% off
    • Arcadius Business Center – 30% off
    • Lombank West – 35% off
    • Maze Bank Tower – 40% off
    • Executive Office Garages & Custom Auto Shop – 25% off
    • Executive Office Garage Renovations – 25% off
    • Custom Auto Shop Renovations – 25% off
  • Premium Race Schedules:
    • July 11 – 17: Big Drop (Sports cars)
  • Time Trial Schedule:
    • July 01 – 17: Up Chilliad

EditJune 30 – July 10, 2017: Independence Day and More

  • Independence Day Special content returns:
    • Patriotic liveries for M.O.C., weapons, and vehicles
    • Liberator Monster Truck (25% off)
    • Western Sovereign motorcycle (25% off)
    • Fireworks Launcher (25% off)
    • 4th of July Clothing & Masks (25%off)
  • New Adversary Mode: Dawn Raid
    • 2x GTA$ & RP in Dawn Raid matches
  • Discounts on:
    • The Pisces (Superyacht): 25% off
    • The Orion (Superyacht): 30% off
    • The Aquarius (Superyacht): 35% off
    • Yacht Modifications: 50% off
    • All Watercraft on Docktease: 25% off
    • Cunning Stunts Clothing & Tattoos: 25% off
  • Free Rockstar “Noise” T-shirts (in-game)
  • Premium Race Schedules:
    • June 26 – July 03: Spinner (Supercars)
    • July 04 – 10th: Atmostphere (Special: Rocket Voltic)
  • Time Trial Schedule:
    • June 26 – July 03: Fort Zancudo
    • July 04 – 10th: Storm Drain

  • 2xRP PvP Playlist: Bunker Series
    • Sets standard PvP matches (Slasher, Juggernaut, Resurrection, etc) inside a Gunrunning bunker.
  • 25% Off Vehicles, Items & Upgrades:
    • Valkyrie (Helicopter)
    • Coil Brawler (Off-Road)
    • Body Armor
    • Vehicle Armor
    • Bullet proof tires
  • Premium Race / Time Trial Schedule June 20-26:
    • Premium SV Race: Storm Drain (Blazer Aqua)
    • Time Trial: End to End
    • Premium Race / Time Trial Schedule June 26- July 3:
    • Premium Race: Spinner (Super)
    • Time Trial: Fort Zancudo
  • Gunrunning Update Released
    • New PvP Modes
    • New Missions
    • New Vehicles
  • 25% Discounts on Vehicles & Upgradeable Weapons:
    • Pistol
    • SMG
    • Combat MG
    • Assault Rifle
    • Heavy Sniper
    • Vapid FMJ
    • Truffade Adder
  • Free Clothing Items:
    • Rockstar Class of ’98 Tee (Blue/Red)
    • Black Vom Feuer cap
    • Hawk & Little Hoodie
  • Premium Race/Time Trial:
    • Premium Race: Lift Off (Supercars)
    • Time Trial: Mount Gordo

  • 2x RP & GTA$ on:
    • Special Vehicle Missions
    • Special Cargo Deliveries
    • Biker Business Sales
    • Visits: GTA5.CheatGame.Club
  • Real Estate Discounts:
    • 25% off Executive Offices
    • 25% off Executive Garages + Mod Shops
    • 50% off Executive Office customization
  • 25% off Military and Special Vehicles:
    • Imponte Ruiner 2000 (Trade-In & Buy-It-Now)
    • Coil Rocket Voltic (Trade-In & Buy-It-Now)
    • Brute Armored Boxville (Trade-In & Buy-It-Now)
    • Valkyrie Helicopter
    • Rhino Tank
    • HVY Insurgent Pick-Up
  • Luxury Vehicle Discounts:
    • 50% off Luxor Deluxe Jet
    • 50% off Swift Deluxe Helicopter
    • 25% off Yachts
    • 50% off Yacht customization
  • Weapon and Armor Discounts:
    • 25% off all ammunition
    • 25% off Body Armor
    • 50% off Luxury weapon skins
    • 50% off Box/Drum Magazines
  • New Premium Race / Time Trials May 30 – June 5:
    • Premium Race: Ascent (Rocket Voltic)
    • Time Trial: Observatory
  • 2x RP and GTA$ rewards from these game modes:
    • Juggernaut
    • Resurrection
    • Stunt Races
    • Special Vehicle Races
  • 25% Discount on these vehicles:
    • Hijak Ruston
    • Progen GP1
    • Pegassi Infernus Classic
    • Grotti Turismo Classic
  • 25% Discount on these upgrades / items:
    • Transmission upgrades
    • Brakes
    • Exhausts
    • Spoilers
    • Engine upgrades
    • Turbo upgrades
    • Visits: GTA5.CheatGame.Club
    • All Cunning Stunts clothing items.
  • New Premium Special Vehicle Races:
    • May 16-22: The Loop (Rocket Voltic)
    • May 23-29: Steeplechase (Ruiner 2000)
  • New Time Trial Schedule:
    • May 16-22: Down Chilliad
    • May 23-29: Del Perro Pier

In addition the ongoing Biker Bonus activities, players can earn double RP and GTA$ rewards from all five of the Online Heists in GTA Online.

This means payouts of anywhere between $114,000 (The Fleeca Job on easy) to up to $2.5 million GTA bucks (The Pacific Standard Job on hard), plus bonus cash and RP for crew members in all of the setup missions.

There is also a new Premium Race and Time Trial from 5/9 through 5/15:

  • Premium Special Vehicle Race: Beach Party (Blazer Aqua)
  • Time Trial: Raton Canyon
  • Visits: GTA5.CheatGame.Club

  • New Vehicle: Grotti Turismo Classic
    80’s-inspired version of the Turismo
  • 2x RP & GTA$ in these activities
    • Adversary Mode: Resurrection
    • Stunt Race Series
  • 25% Discount on:
    • Aquarius, Pices and Orion Superyachts
    • Boat: Nagasaki Dingy
    • Bulletproof Tire Mods
    • Suspension Upgrades
    • Paint Resprays
    • All Ammunition Refills
  • New Premium Races:
    • April 4 – 10: Bumblebee (Special Vehicle: Rocket Voltic)
    • April 11 – 17: Tube Rider (Special Vehicle: Ruiner 2000)
  • Time Trials:
    • April 4 – 10: Route 68
    • April 11 – 17: LSIA
  • 2X RP and GTA$ on these races:
    • All 20 Rockstar-Created Special Vehicle Circuit Races
    • Rockstar Verified Stunt Races:
      Black and Yellow, Gordo, Love Canyon, Rocket Kars and Meuy’s Grand Line
  • 25% Discount on:
  • Premium Race Schedule:
    • 3/21 – 3/27: “Drop Ship” (locked to Ruiner 2000)
  • Time Trials Schedule:
    • 3/20 – 3/26: “Coast to Coast”
    • 3/27 – 4/2: “Casino”

  • 25% Discount on:
    • Stilt Houses
    • Penthouse Apartments
    • Progen T20
    • Import/Export clothing
    • Engine / Turbo upgrades
    • Spoilers / Exhaust kits
    • SMGs / Body Armor
  • Special Vehicle Premium Race
    Redneck – March 13-22, 2017
  • Free Pink Stunt Suit
  • 2x RP + GTA$ in Rockstar Created/Verified Stunt Races
  • 15 New Stunt Races
  • 25% Discount on:
    • Annis RE-7B
    • Emperor ETR1
    • Vapid Desert Raid
    • Vapid Trophy Truck
    • Obey Omnis
    • Lampadati Tropos Ralley
    • Liveries
    • Stunt Tattoos
    • Stunt Clothing
  • Premium Race Schedule:
    • 2/28-3/6: Pier Race (Super Class)
    • 3/7-3/13: In The City (Sports Class)
  • Time Trials Schedule:
    • 2/27-3/5: Up-n-Atom
    • 3/6-3/12: Maze bank Arena

  • 2x RP + GTA$ on 2v2 Modes:
  • Valentine’s Day Special Items Return, w/ 25% discounts:
  • 50% Discount on Executive Assistant Services
  • Additional 25% Discount on:
    • Import/Export Update tattoos
    • Benny’s Custom Motorworks Upgrades
    • Ocelot Penetrator
  • Premium Race Schedule:
    • 2/14-2/20: Duel (Muscle class)
    • 2/21-2/27: Over and Under (Motorcycles)
  • Time Trials Schedule:
    • 2/13-2/19: Sawmill
    • 2/20-2/26
  • 2X RP + GTA$:
    • Juggernaut
    • Lost VS Damned
    • Vehicle Vendetta
  • Real Estate Discounts:
  • 25% Off Vehicles:
    • Pegasi Osiris supercar (Legendary Motorsport)
    • Principe Diabolus motorcycle (Bennys Customs)
    • Turreted Limo (Warstock)
    • CargoBob Helicopter (Warstock)
    • Buzzard Attack Helicopter (Warstock)
  • Discounted Vehicle Upgrades:
    • 50% Off Vehicle Armor / Bulletproof Tires (LS Customs)
    • 25% Off Cosmetic Upgrades (LS Customs + Benny’s)
  • 25% Off Weapons:
    • Pistols
    • Sniper Rifles
    • LMGs
  • Premium Race Schedule:
    • Jan 31 – Feb 6: The Wave (Vehicle Lock: Diabolus)
    • Feb 7 – 13: Vespucci
  • Time Trials Schedule:
    • Jan 30 – Feb 5: Storm Drain
    • Feb 6 – 12: Up Chilliad
  • Announcement: As of March 6th, 2017, PS3/XB360 players will no longer be able to transfer their characters to GTAO on PS4/XB1.

EditJan 17th – Jan 30rd, 2017: Adversary Mode and New Car

  • New Custom Vehicle: Dewbauchee Specter Custom
    Benny’s is offering a new lightweight customizble Cewbauchee Specter – with options to modify almost everything, and can be combined with Benny’s 25% off Upgrade discount.
  • New Adversary Mode: Collection Time
    In this new mode, two teams of 2-4 battle to steal and hoard points over an alotted time. Points are in the form of money bags that each player carries at the start – whoever carries the most bags when time runs out – wins. Play through the end of the month to earn double GTA$ RP.
  • Premium Race: Chiliad
    A new stunt track is available though January 30th, on the winding roads of Chiliad. Earn triple RP wherever you finish, and more big GTA$ prizes for placing in the top 3.
  • Discounts and Bonuses Continuing Through January 30th:
    • Double GTA$ and RP on Biker Clubhouse Contracts and Special Vehicle Work
    • 25% Benny’s Upgrades
    • 25% Executive Garage Renovations
    • 25% Executive Custom Auto Shop Renovations
    • 25% Biker Business Properties
    • 25% All Import/Export Tattoos

EditJan 10th – Jan 16th, 2017: New Years Bonus and New Car

  • New Custom Vehicle: Progen Itali GTB Custom
    Head over to Benny’s Original Motor Works to score yourself a fast, customizable and highly maneruvarable Progen Itali GTB Custom – with options to modify both performance and interior details. Note that Executives with access to the new garage can use Benny’s upgrades and customization without leaving the building
  • Discounts and Bonuses Continuing Through January 16th:
    • 25% Bonus GTA$ on Vehicle Exports
    • 25% Discount on Special Vehicle Warehouse Renovations and Special Cargo Warehouses
    • 25% Discount on Engine Upgrades
    • 25% Discount on Armor, Throwable Items and Explosive Ammo
    • 50% Discount on Grenade Launcher
    • 25% Discount on Masks

Check out our page on the GTA Online Festive Surprise for full details!

  • Festive customization items (masks, clothing, accessories)
    return to stores through Jan 9th.
  • Free Festive Smoking Jacket / PJ set
  • New Vehice: Truffade Nero
    Customizable at Benny’s Motorworks
  • 2X RP+GTA$ in Turf Wars

Check out our page on the Import / Export Update for full details!

  • Double GTA$ and RP game modes:
    • Deadline
    • Entourage
    • Extraction
    • Hunting Pack
  • 50% Discount on:
    • Executive Offices
    • Office Décor and Customization
    • Vehicle: Turreted Limo
    • CEO Assistant Services (Helicopter pickup, vehicle dropoff, etc)
    • FAF&F Clothing Items
  • 25% Discount on:
    • Special Cargo Pickups
    • Warehouse Vehicle Upgrades (Transport Truck/Plane/Boat)
    • Benefactor XLS (Armored & Standard)
    • Enus Cognoscenti
    • Gallivanter Baller (Armored & Standard)
    • Grotti X80 Proto
    • Vapid FMJ
  • Premium Race: Canyon Crossing
    (3x RP & Bonus GTA$ to top 3 racers)
  • FREE: Blue Paisley Pajamas/Smoking Jacket
    (Log in to GTAO to claim)
  • Double GTA Cash and RP in Drop Zone, Power Play, and Kill Quota through December 7th.
  • 50% off Executive Offices, Office Décor & Customization, Buzzard Attack Chopper
  • 25% off Vapid Desert Raid, Pegassi Reaper, Enus Windsor, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and Body Armor
  • Over 200 Stunt Props from Cunning Stunts added to GTA GTA Online Creator for Deathmatch, Last Team Standing, and Capture.
  • Now through Dec 7: Turbine Premium Race

EditNov 22: Kill Quota and Thanksgiving Bonuses

  • Kill Quota, a 16 player adversary mode challenges teams to work their way from super-powerful loadouts through progressively less-powerful weapons, culminating in a final one-hit-kill melee. Starting loadouts include:
  • Double RP and GTA Cash through Nov. 28
  • A new vehicle: the Bravado Youga Classic
  • Special Thanksgiving Bonuses: Double GTA Cash and RP in Kill Quota November 22nd – 28th and in Every Bullet Counts, Running Back and Inch by Inch on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th
  • 25% off Buckingham SuperVolito, SuperVolito Carbon, customizations including Rims, Turbo, Liveries, Resprays, Engine Mods, Biker Clothing (not including Deadline Outfits), Tattoos, the Compact Rifle, Carbine Rifle, and Assault Rifle.
  • Triple RP Nov 22-28 on High Flier Premium Race.
  • Nagasaki Shotaro bike
  • Deadline light-cycle adversary mode.
  • For a limited time, buying the Shotaro will also net you an in-game Nagasaki logo T-shirt, too.
  • Double RP and GTA CAsh until November 21 in Deadline Mode
  • 25% off of the price of Biker Business properties, weaponry, vehicles, Business supplies and resupplies.
  • Premium Race, Over the Bridge offers Triple RP

  • New Rat Rod vehicle available from Southern San Adreas Super Autos
  • Premium Stunt Race: City Air with Triple RP

Lots of GTA bonuses available for Halloween, including:

  • It’s Angels vs. Devils in the new GTA Lost Vs Damned Adversary Mode, with a switching daytime/nighttime cycle granting power bonuses to the good during the light and the wicked in the dark. Teams earn points for kills that take place when they’re strongest, so timing and cooperation are essential as the sun rises and sets every sixty seconds!
  • Double GTA Cash and RP are available for Lost Vs Damned players now through Nov 7.
  • New Vehicle: The spooky LCC Sanctus Motorcycle
  • 2 Free new horror themed T-shirts just for logging in, plus a third bonus Tee with purchase of the Sanctus
  • Special Halloween-themed playlist with Double GTA Cash and RP
  • Returning from previous Halloweens: Lurcher Hearse, Fränken Stange, Masks, Facepaints, Bobbleheads, and Horns available through November 15th.

First available October 25 and continuing…

  • Huge one time bonus of $250,000 GTA cash for logging in on PS4, Xbox One, or PC between now and Oct 31. Bonus will be deposited into Maze Bank accounts Nov 4.
  • New Pegassi Vortex mototcycle

Additionally, GTA Online is offering 30% off select vehicles and items through Nov 7, (with prerequisites temporarily disabled) including:

  • Starting his Friday, look for a new Sanctus Motorcycle, Lost vs. Damned gameplay mode, and other goodies.

  • 2 new vehicles: Daemon Custom and Raptor.
  • Players may now own six properties
  • Free Black Western Logo Hoodie for logging into GTA Online
  • Double GTA Cash and RP Slipstream Adversary Mode
  • Double GTA Cash and RP Stunt Race Playlist with Stunt Races
  • 50% off Lester and Merryweather Services
  • 25% off Custom Resprays, Tire Smokes, Rims, and Turbos, and 25% off Bullet Ammo, Tints, Body Armor, Throwables, and Drum and Box Magazines
  • Oct 11- 17 Triple RP Premium Stunt Race: Forest (Bikes only)
  • Oct 18 – 24 Triple RP Premium Stunt Race: Double Loop (Supercar only)

Huge new Bikers update, with new modes, vehicles, weapons, and much more!

  • Double GTA Cash and RP in Parachuting Jumps and Drop Mode
  • 50% off all Warstock Cache & Carry products and Merryweather Services
  • 25% off Karin Armored Kuruma, Body Armor, Assault Rifles, Ammo, Sticky Bombs, and Grenades
  • Triple RP Premium Stunt Race Threading the Needle with big GTA Cash rewards
  • Double RP and GTA Cash Adversary Mode Playlist Sept 9 – 15
  • 50% off yachts, yacht model upgrades, offices, properties. Cargobobs, Valkyries (heist requirement waived),
  • 25% off Yacht customizations, office interiors, property interiors, Banshee 900R upgrade
  • Triple RP Premium Stunt Race: Downtown Loop

  • Custom Double RP and GTA Cash Muscle Car playlist.
  • Unlock a free Bahama Mama T-short for logging in
  • Half off all Benny’s upgrades and hydraulics
  • 25% off liveries, neon kits, interior mods, plateholders, vanity plates, engine bays, air filters, bumpers, fenders, chassis, roofs, trunks, wheels
  • This week’s premium stunt track: Trench II offers triple RP and big cash rewards
  • Freemode Events grant Double GTA Cash and RP, (Time Trials not included).
  • 50% off Karin Sultan RS upgrade from Benny’s, Ignition and Car Bombs, Body Armor, Pistols, and Luxury Weapon Finishes from Ill-Gotten Gains and Executives and Other Criminals
  • 25% discount om Vapid FMJ, SMGs, Assault Rifles, and resprays
  • Premium Stunt Race: Rally with triple RP for racers and GTA cash rewards of $100,000 for first, $30,000 for second and $20,000 for third

EditAugust 19 – August 25, 2016: Bonuses and Discounts

  • Three new Entourage Maps
  • Double GTA Cash and RP Entourage Playlist and Entourage Maps August 19-25
  • Double GTA Cash and RP in all Stunt Races
  • Free Red Stunt Jumpsuit available for logging in
  • 50% off HVY Insurgents. Sniper Rifles, Miniguns, Launchers, and Ammo
  • 25% off Grotti X80 Proto, Dewbauchee Seven-70, Progen Tyrus, and Vapid Desert Raid
  • Triple RP and huge cash rewards for Supercar-only Premium Stunt Race “Plummet”
  • 50% Discounts on:
  • 25% Discounts on:
    • Super Car: Pegassi Reaper
    • Office Customization
      (Gun Locker, Safe, Apartment, etc)
  • Double RP & GTA$ Game Modes:
  • Premium Stunt Race: Vespucci
  • Double RP for Free-Roam VIP Work + Challenges
    (Cargo Delivery, Sightseer, etc)

  • New GTA Online Stunt Race Creator, allowing players to create their own Standard, GTA, Rally, and Non-Contact Stunt Races.
  • New Stunt Race Creator features: Raised Tracks, Tubes, Loops and other Stunt Props, with a vastly increased supply of props and track options
  • New Entourage Adversary Mode: A team of Bodyguards work together to escort an armored Vehicle to a finish line, hunted by Assassins.
  • Double GTA Cash and RP by playing Entourage Playlist August 2 – 11
  • 25% off tats and Stunt Clothing

The second addition to the Cunning Stunts update was announced on July 26, 2016.

  • Bonus: 2x RP/ GTA$ in Stunt Races
    07/27/2016 – 07/29/2016
  • Free Item: Gold Jock Cranley Jumpsuit / Helmet
  • Sale on Vehciles / Customization:
    20% of all Resprays and Neon Lights
    30% off Nimbus jet and Volatus helicopter.
  • Five new Stunt Races:
  • Three new Vehicles
    • Bravado Spunk Buffalo – Free
    • MTL Dune – $1,300,000 / $1,385,000
    • Vapid Contender – $250,000
  • Premium Race: H200
    07/29/2016 – 07/31/2016

  • Free new Silver Jumpsuit (with helmet) available until July 25th
  • 20% off all Garages & Properties, Spoilers, Wheels, Tire Smoke, Skirts, Exhausts and Horns.
  • Six new Stunt Races:*Afterburner (Bikes)
  • Three new Vehicles:*Ocelot Lynx (Sports) – $1,735,000
    • Declasse Drift Tampa (Sports) – $994,000
    • Western Cliffhanger (Bike) – $225,000
  • Daily Premium Stunt Races
  • Free Jock Cranley Jumpsuit (black)
  • 20% off Properties w/ Garages
  • 15% off Engine, Brake and Suspension upgrades
  • Million-GTA$ SnapMatic contest.

  • Dewbauchee Seven-70 sports car
  • Three new Power Play locations: Los Santos International Airport, Port of Los Santos, Alamo Sea
  • Double GTA Cash and RP Power Play Playlist July 5-8
  • Double GTA Cash and RP Power Play/Trading Places Playlist over weekend
  • Independence Day content continues through July 11
  • 50% off Savage military copter
  • 25% off garage properties and Independence Day Special content
  • 20% Offices and Office Interiors
  • 15% off Warehouse Workbench Upgrades
  • New Pfister 811 Supercar
  • Double GTA Cash and RP Street Racing Playlist June 28-30
  • Independence Day Weekend Playlist Friday July 1 – Monday July 4
  • All original Independence Day Special content available July 1 – July 11th
  • 25% off Liberator,Sovereign, Firework Rocket Launcher, Fireworks Ammo, Independence Day Special clothing July 1-11
  • 50% off Bull Shark Testosterone June 28-July 4
  • 40% off Turreted Limo, Karin Technical, Masks June 28-July 4

EditJune 21-27 Power Play Adversary Mode and More

  • Power Play, a new adversary mode where players use temporary power-ups to overcome enemies and achieve victory.

These Power-ups include:

  • Beasted, which grants platers into the Beast, a special character type equipped with invisibility, super jump, and super strength
  • Zoned: Slows down time
  • Doped: Enemies start to trip out, interfering with vision
  • Raging: Friendlies do more damage and take less damage
  • Flipped: invert enemy controls
  • Dark: Team vanishes from the map

Plus bonuses, discounts, and a new Vehicle:

  • Three new Power Play Jobs
  • Double RP and GTA Cash through the Power Play Playlist
  • New Grotti X80 Proto Supercar
  • Free Grotti in-game tee for logging in
  • 50% off Lampadati Toro, Swift, and the Buckingham Valkyrie
  • No Heist prerequisites to purchase Vakyrie this week
  • 33% off Homing Launcher.

EditJune 14-20 Trading Spaces and New Discounts

  • Three new Trading Spaces maps for the new Trading Spaces mode
  • Free Red Paisley Pajamas and Smoking Jacket on login
  • 50% off bulletproof tires
  • 25% off car armor, annihilator helicopter, Carbine, Assault Rifles, Compact Rifles, Machine Pistol, SMG, Heavy Shotgun, Combat PDW, All Ammunition, Weapon Tints, Etched Finishes, Body Armor, Parachute Bags, and Canopies

  • Double RP in the designated Adversary Modes Playlist, which includes Extraction III, Inch By Inch IV, and In and Out II through Jun 6.
  • 50% off Orion Yacht, SuperVolito chopper, SuperVolito Carbon, Turreted Limo, Heavy Revolver, Switchblade, and VIP services
  • 25% off all Yacht modifications, Verlierer, Benefactor Schafter, (all variants), Cognoscenti( all models), Smoking Jackets, Robes, and Pajamas
  • Free Yacht transport Fri-Mon

  • Double GTA Cash and RP in all races May 27-29
  • Double RP Races in featured Playlists, May 30-June 2
  • SUMO Adversary Mode Double GTA cah and RP May 27-29
  • SUMO Adversary Mode Double RP May 30-June 2
  • 50% off stilt houses, Benefactor Dubsta 6×6, Armed Insurgent
  • 25% off several Benny’s vehicles, Insurgent, RPG, Homing Launcher, and rocket ammo
  • Double GTA Cash and RP for Capture Jobs
  • Special Double GTA Cash and RP Playlist May 20-22: GTA: All Abhorred, Contend: Townhall Trinity, Raid: Wargames
  • Special Double RP Playlist – May 23-26: Contend: Condo-monium, GTA: Grab a Cab, Hold: Freight Fight
  • Exclusive in-game T-shirt for logging in this weekend
  • 50% off explosives (including grenades and rockets), some engine mods and brakes, Kurumas, and Luxor Deluxe (Gold Luxor)

  • Double RP and GTA Cash in In and Out mode
  • Double RP in all Deathmatches, Last Team Standing, Captures, and Adversary Modes
  • Double RP and GTA Cash Bonus Playlist – May 13-15th: In and Out IV, V and VI maps
  • Double RP and GTA Cash Bonus Playlist – May 16-17: Cross The Line I, Come Out To Play V and Till Death Do Us Part II
  • Double RP and GTA Cash Bonus Playlist – May 18-19: Extraction V, Beast vs Slasher IV and Siege Mentality I
  • 25% off all Warstock vehicles
  • 25 % off all Rifles , snipers, projectiles, and ammo
  • 50% off Body Armor and Merryweather services, including armed backup
  • On May 9, Rockstar revealed details about new updates headed our way in the coming months.
  • Upcoming successor to Executives and Other Criminals will introducece contraband trafficing, allowing players to stockpile and sell illicit material. Jewels, narcotics, and medical supplies will be available for sale. Players can set up a headquarters and coordinate with teammates to maintain stock quality and arrange shipping runs…which can be interrupted by enemies looking for a quick buck.
  • New expansions centered around stunts and stunt ready Vehicles, plus Creator options to facilitate stunt courses.
  • New Adversary Modes
  • New locations for In and Out
  • New competitive team-based modes
  • Special bonus events, with Double RP playlists, bonus GTA cash, discounts on vehicles and properties, and more

  • Double GTA Cash and RP Freemode Time Trail – May 6th: Vinewood Bowl
  • Double GTA Cash and RP Freemode Time Trail – May 7th: Down Chiliad
  • Double GTA Cash and RP Freemode Time Trail – May 8th: Mount Gordo
  • Double GTA Cash and RP Freemode Time Trail – May 9th: Great Ocean Highway
  • Double GTA Cash and RP Freemode Time Trail – May 10th: Sawmill
  • Double GTA Cash and RP Freemode Time Trail – May 11th: Maze Bank Arena
  • Double GTA Cash and RP Freemode Time Trail – May 12th: End to End
  • 50% off T20, Zentorno, Pegassi Osiris
  • 50% off Hakuchuo and Akuma
  • 30% off select Vehicle Mods
  • Free services from Lester: Cops Turn Blind Eye, Remove Wanted Level, Mechanic Service for property owners
  • Weekly Double RP playlist – Access from the GTA Online Playlists on the Pause Menu or jump straight in from the launch screen
  • New team Adversary Mode, In and Out, debuts Tues, May 2. In and Out is a team scramble where attackers move to Capture well-protected packages from the defenders
  • April 29-30: Double GTA Cash and RP Adversary Mode Playlist including Hunting Pack, Relay, Offense Defense
  • May 1-2: Double GTA Cash and RP Adversary Mode Playlist including Hasta La Vista, Every Bullet Counts, Keep the Pace
  • May 3-5: Double GTA Cash and RP Adversary Mode Playlist including 3 In and Out maps
  • 20% off Grenades and Sticky Bombs
  • 25% Assault Rifle Mods and Combat MGs
  • 50% off SMG Ammo

  • Two new Inch by Inch Maps
  • April 22-24: Weekly Double GTA Cash and RP Playlist for Inch by Inch Maps
  • April 22-24: Special Double RP Playlists – Inch by Inch
  • April 25-36: Special Double RP PlaylistsRaces
  • April 27-28: Special Double RP Playlists – Team Deathmatch
  • Double RP VIP Work and VIp Challenges
  • Double RP High Life Update Contact Missions
  • 20% off Yachts and Yacht Customization
  • 25% off Stilt Houses and Penthouses
  • 50% off some clothing
  • 50% off the Bullpup Rifle
  • April 19: Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom comes to Benny’s as a new custom
  • April 15-17: Super Car Racing Playlist Double RP
  • April 18-29: Lowriders Street Racing Playlist Double RP
  • April 20-21: Mixed Road Racing Playlist Double RP
  • 20% off Garages and Properties
  • 25% some Lowriders clothing
  • 50% off tattoos and hairstyles
  • No daily mechanic fees all week
  • This week: Shark Card Rebates on Bull, Great White, Whale & Megalodon Shark Cards and receive free bonus GTA cash. Purchase a card between April 15-21 and get a lump-sum bonus deposited in your Maze Bank account on or before April 29.

  • A brand new adversary mode launches April 12. Inch by Inch forces a player carrying a package to reach the safety of a goal line in a hostile arena. The package carrier can’t use weapons, so he or she is dependent on teammates for cover fire as the entire enemy squad focuses on taking the courier down.
  • New Double RP and GTA Cash Adversary Mode Playlists running April 8-9, April 10-11, and an Inch by Inch playlist running April 12-14
  • All week Sniper Rifles 25% Off
  • All week Sniper Rifle Attachments – 50% Off
  • All week Shotguns 40% Off
  • All week Shotgun Attachments 30% Off
  • All week Body Armor 50%
  • The Vapid Minivan becomes customization at Benny’s motorsport April 12.

Double RP in curated playlists:

  • March 25-27: Street Races
  • March 28-29: Air Races
  • March 30-31: Sea Races
  • 25% OffCoil Brawler, Progen T20, Invetero Coquette BlackFin and Dinka Vindicator, Lampadati Toro & mods
  • 50% off clothing & tattoos from both Ill Gooten Gains Update Parts 1 and 2
  • 50% off Knuckle Dusters
  • March 18 – March 20th – Sumo: Double Cash & RP
  • March 21 – All Contact Missions released with GTA Online: Lowriders grant Double Cash and RP
  • Tuesday March 22 – Keep The Pace: Double Cash and RP
  • Wednesday March 23 – Relay: Double Cash and RP
  • Thursday March 24 – Offense Defense: Double Cash and RP
  • 25% off all motorcycles
  • 25% off all Properties with a 10 car garage.
  • 50% off all rifle and shotgun ammo
  • 75% off all Bobbleheads, Column Shift Levers, and Plaques at Benny’s

  • Double RP and GTA Cash for All Versus Missions
  • 50% off Flight Suits and Flight Caps
  • 25% off all Combat Helicopters, Private Jets, Automatic Rifles, Homing Missile Launchers and Homing Missile Ammunition
  • New Rhino Hunt Adversary Mode, featuring Rhino Tank vs. Hunter Dune Buggy team action.
  • Double RP in Til Death Do Us Part and Freemode Events
  • Double cash and RP for seven days starting February 26
  • 50% Off some Weapon attachments, rifle ammo, Heists tactical gear
  • 25% Off Warstock Cache & Carry & Merryweather Services

Experience, RP, and dollar rewards for specific contact missions:

  • Friday Feb 19: Double GTA Dollars and RP on all of Simeon’s Contact Missions and Double GTA Dollars on Simeon’s Import/Export requests
  • Saturday Feb 20: Double GTA Dollars and RP on all of Ron‘s Contact Missions and 50% off all Blazers
  • Sunday Feb 21: Double GTA Dollars and RP on all of Trevor‘s Contact Missions and 50% off Jerry Cans
  • Monday Feb 22: Double GTA Dollars and RP on all of Martin’s Contact Missions and 10% off Stilt Houses
  • Tuesday Feb 23: Double GTA Dollars and RP on all of Lester‘s Contact Missions and 25% off Lester Services
  • Wednesday Feb 24: Double GTA Dollars and RP on all of Gerald’s Contact Missions and 50% off Micro SMGs and Machine Pistols
  • Thursday Feb 25: Double GTA Dollars and RP on all Contact Missions in GTA Online

Also note that Rifle Ammo and Body Armor are half off this weekend, and Grenades and Sticky Bombs are a quarter off

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