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This portion of the guide identifies the location of Handsome Jackie one of the many Easter Eggs and References in Borderlands 3. It also includes a Handsome Jackie Guide with Tips on how to kill her and complete this crew challenge.

Handsome Jackie Legendary Gun Reward[edit]

If you’re lucky handsome Jackie will drop a legendary weapon called Jack be nimble.

Handsome Jackie Location[edit]

You can find Handsome Jackie on the lower level of Skywell-27, Promethea.

How to Kill Handsome Jackie Guide and Tips[edit]

Handsome Jackie is a nod to Handsome Jack, the antagonist of Borderlands 2.

For the most part, this is straightforward fight but there are a few noteworthy things to watch out for.

The Jackie sphere is an orb Jackie creates and releases. This orb will fire red laser-like projectiles at you. The sphere even has its own health bars.

Handsome Jackie will deploy a shield, like you’ve seen on other enemies. Destroy it so you can do damage to her.

Once she’s dead, the challenge is complete!

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