The buzz continues to build for major changes to Apple’s most affordable MacBook Air 13. Few have any concrete facts on what Apple plans to do, but we’ve got some ideas, freshly ripped from the dozens of beautiful, sexy, stylish and fast PC laptops that have come out since the latest MacBook Air debuted in…2015?!.

While adding touch and 360-degree convertible support might seem like a given—those are the two things least likely to happen to a MacBook today.

whut 2015 parts at 2018 pricesIDG

Whut? A dual-core 5th gen laptop with a 1440×900 TN panel and proprietary SSD for $1,350?

Damn, it’s old: Today’s MacBook Air 13

Apple doesn’t actually give you specs of its hardware because, well no one knows why, but the current MacBook Air 13 (which has received some minor refreshes since its 2015 debut) features:

  • Intel 5th-gen Core i7-5650U or Core i5-5350U
  • 8GB of LPDDR3/1600 RAM
  • 13.3-inch 1440×900 TN screen
  • Proprietary 128GB or 256GB SSD

For ports it has:

  • Thunderbolt 2 
  • Two USB 3.0 Type A (5Gbps) ports
  • SD card reader

No, this isn’t a typo, and you didn’t land on a years-old webpage archived at the Wayback Machine. Apple actually sells a laptop for more than $1,000 that’s using parts largely introduced in 2015. Not to say the MacBook Air 13 is a terrible laptop, but today’s iteration would feel right at home in a museum with dinosaurs.

Windows 10 Creators Update Windows Hello IDG / Mark Hachman

The MacBook Air 13 could benefit from facial recognition.

Facial recognition 

Anyone who’s used a Windows Hello laptop can tell you just how great it is to skip typing in your password. Sure, Mac fans like to boast about how you can open a MacBook with one hand (what are you doing with that other hand?). But with Windows Hello and a biometric face reader, you can basically tap your sleeping laptop’s keyboard with an elbow and have it log you in while keeping both hands on your Krispy Krunchy Chicken. Yes, Windows Hello and Krispy Krunchy Chicken are that good. Even better: Windows Hello works even when the entire laptop is turned over into tablet mode. Try that with your iPhone X.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th Gen fingerprint reader Mark Hachman / IDG

Fingerprint reader

A biometric IR camera isn’t exactly cheap, and we understand a certain company really likes its profit margins. So if a $1,350 MacBook Air 13 can’t get features that are standard on a $400 Microsoft Surface Go, then maybe a fingerprint reader? They’re abundant on the PC today at all prices, and would let a MacBook Air 13 user open the laptop and log in with a single hand.

dell new xps 13 vs hp spectre x360 13 14 Gordon Mah Ung

Full HD (1920×1080, or 1080p) should be the minimum resolution Apple aims for, folks.

An actual HD screen

You know what’s really not HD? The 1280x800p display on the original MacBook Air 13 from 2008. Sure, it’s technically high-def, but only if you’ve been trapped in a pitch-black cave. You know what’s really not much more ‘p’? A screen resolution of 1440×900—in a refreshed $1,350 MacBook Air 13 sold in 2018. But yup, that’s the standard screen that’s basically been in use in the MacBook Air 13 since 2010. And I’m not even making that up. 

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