In another great video from our friends over at COOPH, they show you how to care for your beloved camera to keep her/him in great working order.

Here’s how to care for your beloved camera

1. Proper cleaning

  1. Use a blow brush to take off bigger particles and process both sides of the lens.
  2. Add finish with a lens cleaning cloth.
  3. Apply a cleaning solution to a cotton bud and clean the contact points.
  4. Use a rocket blower to clean the camera sensor. Tilt your camera down and blow.
  5. Still not clean enough? Put your camera into cleaning mode for a self-clean.
  6. Take out your Gel Stamp and gently stamp the sensor. To clean the gel stamp, use a piece of sticky tape.
  7. Lightly push the gel stamp onto the sticky tape, and the dust will transfer to the tape.
  8. Finish the job using sensor wipes.
  9. Shoot a long exposure against a white background, and when doing so, move the camera in a circular motion.
  10. Then check the image on a big screen to ensure the camera lens and sensor are clean.

2. Lens Swapping

No matter how good your jacket, never change lenses in the rain. Jump in your car and take a pit stop. Change the lens then.

3. The UV Filter

The UV Filter protects your camera from UV light and helps to avoid scratches on your lens when you are shooting wildlife in your home…

4. The Hand Strap

Buckle up so you don’t drop it. Carry it in your hand. Don’t use it like a yo-yo as you walk.

5. The Lens Hood

Not the type you wear. A lens hood gives the camera a safety guard for in case you bump the camera.

6. The Dry Bag.

Ziplock bags, along with some Dry Silica packs, make a perfect DIY Dry Bag. Airtight and condensation-proof.

7. The Dust Blocker

Shower Caps are perfect for dust protection and Sahara Safe!


So, be good to your better half and clean them.


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