Google Assistant is finding her (or his) voice. At Google’s developer conference this year the company introduced six new voices and they’re now available.

The new voices, three female and three male, are said to be more realistic because they include pauses and intonation, and they better approximate the way real people speak. To be sure, they still don’t sound totally realistic but they do remove a bit of the monotone from the basic Assistant voice.

Switching between them is simple and should only take a few seconds.

First, find Google Home and open it.

180509 google 1 Martyn Williams/IDG

Selecting a voice for Assistant lies under More Settings.

Next, click on the hamburger icon (the three horizontal lines) in the top left corner to reveal the menu. In that menu, click on “more settings.”

Now click on “preferences,” and in the next screen you’ll see a choice for “Assistant voice.”

Eight are available: the original two and six new ones. You can preview each voice by clicking on the little speaker icon on the right hand side. Once you’ve found your favorite, close the app.

The setting won’t just change the way your phone speaks to you. It also carries through to any other Google Assistant devices on your account, such as Google Home speakers.

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