Though you may start out as a lowly Sailor in Sea of Thieves, you’ll eventually be able to proudly show off your various titles to both friend and foes alike.

Titles appear under your name when another player looks at you, and also appears in the top right corner of the menu screen. In order to unlock and equip titles, there’s more steps than you might think that are needed.

Currently there are two ways to unlock Titles in Sea of Thieves: Purchase promotional ranks from the Trading Companies, or unlock the highest grade of Commendations from them.

Every 5 levels of reputation you earn in either the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, or Merchants Alliance, you’ll be able to purchase a new promotional rank. This will not only allow you to take on more complex Voyages, but you’ll also unlock the associated title.

Similarly, each of the Trading Companies has several tasks you work towards while also doing Voyages – these Commendations are tracked independently, and unlocking a grade will grant more reputation – but getting to the final grade will also unlock a special title.

Surprisingly, purchasing or unlocking the titles from the Trading Companies won’t automatically grant you the titles you seek.

If you go to any Clothing Store at any Outpost, you’ll find that the merchant now sells the titles you have unlocked – for 0 gold. These can now be purchased from the merchant and you can buy as many as you are able.

In order to actually show the title under your name – you need to equip it like you would anything else. Look for the small Vanity Chest – outside the Clothing Shop or in your ship’s hold – and you’ll find a slot for all titles you have unlocked and purchased.

Now you can swap between any you own, and they’ll automatically display under your name!

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