Let’s just say no to tall phones, right now. 

It’s been a rocky 12 months since Samsung first teased its folding phone, with a sneak peek at the Infinity Flex display at 2018’s developer’s conference. But that’s not slowing the company down. At 2019’s keynote on Tuesday, Samsung showed off a new display concept that flips the folding phone concept on its head. Literally.

The new display folds open like a wallet, rather than a book, to reveal an ultra-wide inside screen. I’m not talking about a 16:9 phone like the Sony Xperia 1. Think more 25:9, like the candy-bar phones of old. Just, you know, with no buttons and a very tall screen.

To promote the new concept, Samsung touted the device will “easily fit in your pocket” when folded. When opened, Samsung says the tall form factor “changes the way you use your phone.”

Keep reading to find out why this simply won’t work.

samsung galaxy folds Samsung

The new Galaxy Fold design (right) doesn’t make as much sense as this year’s model (left).

The rise of tall phones

Samsung’s not the only phone maker teasing a ridiculously tall phone. Earlier this month Essential teased a “radically different form factor” with a picture of a handset that looked more like a remote than a phone. It showed off a few teaser images with a tile interface, skinny apps, and a experience built to “reframe your perspective.”

I have no reason to doubt any of these claims. But that doesn’t mean I have to agree with them. While a square handset would certainly fit in more pockets than something as big as the massive Galaxy Note 10+, that doesn’t speak to how easy it is to use when opened (or closed, but that’s another issue).

If there’s one universal fact to every phone that released in 2019, it’s that we can pick them up and instantly start using them. There’s no learning curve and no confusion. Even Samsung’s Galaxy Fold stuck to the same basic formula with its phone-to-tablet transformer.

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