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Now is a good time to pick up an Apple device or three. Jet.com has some great ways to save with Apple product bundles. Basically, buy an Apple device and you save a ton by bundling in a qualifying set of Beats headphones. In the case of the laptops, you also save by tossing in Apple’s wireless mouse.

If you’re not familiar with Jet, it’s sort of like an online Costco where you can save on household basics by buying in bulk, with no membership fee required. But they also sell plenty of standard electronics and gear. It’s owned by Walmart, so you get the same free 2-day shipping on most orders. Since everything on this list is above $35, that means all these bundles waive the shipping charges.

Let’s get into the details:


Apple Watch Series 3 42mm with Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones $508

All of these Apple Watches can be bundles with a set of Beats Powerbeats 3 to ratchet up the savings. I bought an Apple Watch for my darling wife and she loves it so much I kind of wish I had bought one for myself, too. These are looking pretty tempting, to be honest.



Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch) with Touch Bar, Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones and Apple Magic Mouse 2 $2927 – $300 Off

This might surprise you, but I’m writing this on a MacBook Pro as we speak. Sadly, it’s lacking in TouchBar, something I feel like I would grow to love using. My trusty MacBook Air is getting pretty long in the tooth, and I should probably upgrade. Bundle and save with a sweet pair of Beats Studio3 and Apple’s wireless mouse.



Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch) 256GB, Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones and Apple Magic Mouse 2 $1752 – $175 Off

The Touch Bar is really cool, and everyone who has one says they can never go back, but if you aren’t ready for that sort of lifelong commitment, you can save a good chunk of change by getting the regular MacBook Pro.



Apple MacBook Air 256GB, Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones and Apple Magic Mouse 2 $1452 – $125 Off

When Steve Jobs first introduced the MacBook Air, he brought a manila envelope on stage and showed it off. Such a dull and uninteresting office supply, the sort of thing everyone has seen a million times. Well, Jobs opened that envelope up and pulled out a freaking laptop and every nerd in Cupertino started weeping with joy. It was really awesome.



Apple MacBook 512GB, Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones and Apple Magic Mouse 2 $1852 – $175 Off

I’ve been following Apple for years and I’ve seen them make a lot of laptops. From things like the PowerBook to the iBook and now the MacBook, Apple has done all sorts of different experiments. This is the foundation of its current laptop line and as such, it’s rock-solid.



Prepaid iPhone X with EarPods and Silicon Case $1026 – $40 Off

I sometimes wish I had just bought my phone without a contract and gone the prepaid route. I primarily use my phone on my wifi network and in the long run I’d probably save a lot by just having bought the phone outright. Oh well, there’s always next time, I guess.



25%-40% off Brand New Apple iPads and Watches at Walmart

If you can’t justify spending $1000-$2000+ on an Apple laptop bundle, the iPad (and Apple Watch) sale we’ve been spotlighting lately in Daily Deals is still running. It’s pretty rare to see iPads discounted like this, so it’s worth considering upgrading.



I did some digging and found the Beats Studio3 and Solo3 at Walmart with almost the same discount as the bundled versions. If you just want a pair of bass-rich headphones, you can pick them up with free 2-day shipping in most colors. The PowerBeats3 are also on sale, and they’re actually a better deal than the bundled versions. Add them to your cart to see the savings.

Seth Macy is IGN’s tech and commerce editor and on-again, off-again Apple fan. Follow him on Twitter @sethmacy.

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