In this awesome video by Lucy Martin, you’ll learn Lightroom shortcuts every photographer needs to know to make their editing workflow faster and more efficient.


The Lightroom shortcuts every photographer needs to know

Help make your editing process be more efficient and fast-paced so you can deliver your photos much quicker by knowing these shortcuts:

G – Grid view
E –  Loupeview
L –  Lights Out – (isolates your image against a black background for previewing)
P –  Pick (Flag)
x –  Reject
Caps Lock –  auto next
Cmd+Delete –  delete rejected
D –  Go to Develop
Y –  Before/After Side by Side Comparison
V –  Black and White
R –  Resize and Rotate
Q –  Spot Removal Tool
H –  Hide adjustment Pins
Cmd+Z –  Undo last action
Cmd+C –  Copy Settings
Cmd+P –  Paste Settings
Cmd+/ –  Show all shortcuts

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