MEMPHIS, Tenn. – An East Memphis business owner is out hundreds of dollars after a fight at a self-defense gym over the weekend.

And the whole thing was caught on camera. 

Sara and Mike Hooker, the owners of KMD Self-Defense and Fitness on Highland, talked to FOX13 about the incident that happened on Saturday.

Ceequaon Slaughter, 29, came into the gym to watch, but then his behavior ramped up over time, according to the owners.

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Mike Hooker said he asked Slaughter to leave, but he refused.

“Then I saw a flinching of the hand and at that moment I knew that things were about to go south very quickly,” said Mike. 

Then the two got into a fight which ended up in the parking lot.

“Mike actually verbalized every few minutes ‘I don’t want to hurt you if you’ll just stop resisting, we are waiting for the police,” said Sara.

When police arrived, they handcuffed Slaughter, but in the report, it doesn’t say he was arrested.

Within 30 minutes Mike said Slaughter was back in the same area, this time inside Family Dollar getting combative with staff.

“I believe we were let down, the community, by him not getting taken out of this situation, and he was able to return and do that exact same thing again,” said Mike. 

Slaughter has a rap sheet going back to 2009 with trespassing, theft and burglary charges.

Hooker believes Slaughter didn’t need to be in jail, but he did need help.

“I would like to see him taken and given the help he needs I couldn’t do that. My job was to protect my staff and protect my students. When the cuffs went on I thought that would be the opportunity for him to get the help that needs but unfortunately I don’t believe that happened,” said Mike. 

Mike said the door will cost about $500 to repair.

He also said he has not seen Slaughter since the incident on Saturday.  

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