The Pets of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire are a special collectible that are hidden throughout the world.

PoE II is light on collectibles and secretive items, but there is one thing that stands out, and that’s the cute, adorable pets that you can find scattered around the world. Once obtained, they are added to your inventory and can be equipped for various status effects.

There are dozens and dozens supposedly hidden in the game, so finding them all will be quite the task! You don’t get anything special for obtaining them, the reward is your own personal gratification and the stats that each pet offers. Below is our list of pets, in alphabetical order.

  • Abraham
    • Found in Neketaka, Queen’s Berth district. Go to the Luminous Adra mill, and up to the second floor balcony to find a wet dog.
    • Reduces Recovery penalty from armor. Grants health on kill to party.

  • Algol
    • Found in Delver’s Row, a secret area within the Gullet District of Neketaka. To reach this, enter the tunnel near The Gullet entrance. Go right until you reach a merchant stall, than make the necessary Perception check to look behind the stall. When guards approach, pay them 50 coin and you’ll be allowed to enter. Once in Delver’s Row, head towards the Spindle Man on the map and you’ll find this canine along the way.
    • Grants -20% to Constitution afflictions. Gives health on kill to the party.
  • Gosha
    • Found at the Engwithan Digsite, walking around the steps towards the top of the map.
    • Grants +1 Perception. Makes enemies land critical hits less on the party.
  • Peter
    • Found at Oathbinder’s Sanctum, which is on an island South-west of Neketaka. It’s on the third level, past the room filled with bugs.
    • Grants +15% Damage to AoE attacks. Grants the party an increase to the size of their AoE attacks.
  • Trixie
    • Found at Maukotu’s Canopy, on the same island as Neketaka. You need to battle the monsters here and kill them, then click on the “charmed dog”.
    • Grants +25% Stride. Increase Critical Hit rate of party.
  • Xopn’aua
    • Found in Neketaka. Queen’s Berth district, inside District Home.
    • Grants +2 Insight, +1 Metaphysics. Grants party wide Will bonus.

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