The game will feature weekly events starting in May.

Sea of Thieves will be getting plenty of new content starting in May and stretch out over the summer with updates and weekly events.

Developer Rare detailed its post-release support for the game, revealing that additional content will come via weekly events featuring new mechanics and rewards. This will kick off in May with the release of The Hungering Deep, which will introduce a new AI threat to the world for players to go up against.

Alongside this mysterious new threat, Rare will also be adding new mechanics to assist players and unique rewards to earn. During the summer, the new Cursed Sails event will debut bringing with it a new ship type, and the Forsaken Shores content update will introduces a new world for players to explore.

Both updates, like The Hungering Deep, will feature new gameplay mechanics, AI threats, and rewards. Rare also announced that pets and ship captaincy are being put on the back burner for now due to shifting priorities.

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