Batman is 80 years old, which is an impressive feat for a real-life human, but even more impressive for a real-life bat. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939, and is now one of the most recognizable in all of comics. Batman is legendary, and beloved, and also, highly marketable. Who doesn’t like Batman? Don’t answer that: I don’t want to know.

Here are some of the best and weirdest Batman-related items you can add to your personal Bat-cave right now.

SecretLab Titan Batman Gaming Chair

This is definitely the gaming chair Bruce Wayne has in stately Wayne Manor. I think with all that money, he must have a really powerful gaming PC, too. Probably an SLR rig with a pair of 2080 Ti GPUs and some ridiculous Bat-cooling system for his overclocked Intel i9-9900K. Whatever Batman’s gaming rig is like, this is the perfect Bat-chair. Scroll down the page and check out the “Official Special Edition” section to select it, or check out the other licensed gaming chairs.

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