With the amount of news out of Japan this week, you’d think Tokyo Game Show had already started. Nope! It’s next week. That didn’t stop a flood of trailers though, including new footage of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Project Judge, a new game from the Yakuza devs.

Other than that, an avalanche of weirdness this week: Alan Wake’s headed to TV, Pathologic 2 showed off its creepy village, Katamari Damacy’s coming to PC, Assassin’s Creed III is getting a remaster (for some reason), and Tencent brought a literal avalanche with its snowboarding battle royale game Ring of Elysium.

This is gaming news for September 10 to 14.

Elder gods

Much to my surprise, Focus’s Call of Cthulhu is one of my most anticipated games in the back half of 2018. I watched a short hands-off demo at E3 and like the tabletop RPG this digital adaptation centers mostly on playing detective—scrounging up clues, interviewing people, and so on. If that’s piqued your interest there’s an hour-long video below, though as you might expect it makes for very slow-paced viewing.

Shadows die at least twice

Lady with the big hat? Might kill me. Masked man with a 12-foot katana? Probably going to kill me. Huge nightmare yeti-man? I don’t know why I’d even try. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice released its Tokyo Game Show trailer this week, and there’s a lot to pore over here, including the phrase “Take my blood and live again.” Ominous.

Judge, jury, executioner

The other big pre-TGS news: Project Judge (placeholder title) from the Yakuza developers, described as a “courtroom thriller.” It’s like Ace Attorney, except you can backflip off a wall and kick a criminal in the face, while dressed up as a vampire. This one’s not confirmed for PC yet, but given Sega’s efforts with Yakuza lately I’m hoping it’ll come over.

Forza Horizon test drive

The good news: Forza Horizon 4 is out in a scant few weeks, but you can try it out now. Microsoft put out a demo this week, and you can find it on the Windows 10 Store. The bad news: It’s a 28GB download, for a demo. Sorry, I think I’ll just wait for the inevitable 100GB download of the full game, thankyouverymuch. Graphics nerds will dig the built-in benchmark though.

Go west, young cyborg

The Surge is slowly winning me over by being the absolute weirdest version of “It’s Dark Souls, but…” What started as Dark-Souls-but-sci-fi added a bizarre amusement park expansion last year, and now it’s back with one themed after spaghetti westerns.

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