How’s everyone holding up? Has jealousy led you to go purchase Red Dead Redemption 2 on consoles yet, or are you standing strong waiting for the PC version? Because I’ve got some good news: It looks like there will (probably) be a PC version.

That news, plus a potential Sunset Overdrive port, No Man’s Sky heads under the sea, Undertale creator Toby Fox teases a new game with a new game, and Henry Cavill shows off his Geralt cosplay. Oh wait, it’s actually his very bad costume for The Witcher’s Netflix adaptation.

This is gaming news for October 29 to November 2.

Man of Medan

Until Dawn spiritual successor The Dark Pictures Anthology received a new trailer this week, showing off additional footage from the first of its anthology stories, Man of Medan. This time, there’s a spooky narrator to talk about moral relativity, player choice, and how you’re definitely going to end up killing off at least half the cast. It looks great.

Fields of fire

Battlefield V doesn’t release for another few weeks, but you can take a look at all nine of its launch-day multiplayer maps via the trailer below. Really loving the look of that stone viaduct in Hamada, as well as the bombed out ruins of Rotterdam.

2B or not 2B

Nier: Automatas 2B is one of the more iconic protagonists of the last few years, so it’s a welcome surprise to see her added to Soulcalibur 6’s guest roster, joining The Witcher’s own Geralt. Looks like most of her moves have made it over intact as well, and her little robot buddy. Aaaaand now I want to play Nier: Automata again.

Manifest destiny

The will-they-won’t-they surrounding Red Dead Redemption 2’s hypothetical PC version has dragged on ever since the first reveal trailer, but it looks like we might have some real confirmation this week that a port’s in the works—or at least being explored. Rockstar Intel posted this week about lines of code in the Red Dead Redemption 2 companion app, like “CommandIsPCVersion(void),” that seemingly point to an upcoming PC release.

Even stranger is the “PARAM_Oculus” function which some are taking as indication of VR support. That seems pretty far-fetched, but I guess we’ll see what happens.

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