THQ Nordic bought up the rights to Alone in the Dark this week, so the betting’s on. Which once-great-but-now-disgraced-or-discarded series will be next? Eternal Darkness? Fez? Alan Wake? Metal Gear Solid? Jade Empire? So many possibilities.

That news, plus Capcom’s Tokyo Games Show presence, Return of the Obra Dinn gets a release date, Frostpunk‘s first expansion, Telltale closes and cancels Wolf Among Us 2, and LawBreakers goes to an early grave.

This is gaming news for September 17 to 21.

Weekend warrior

As per usual, kicking off the round-up with the games you could be playing this weekend—for free, of course. First up is Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which I wasn’t too fond of last year but which is definitely big enough to keep you occupied for three days. Head here and log into your Uplay account to get temporary access.

And for those who bought Destiny 2 but haven’t taken the plunge on the new Forsaken expansion, you’re able to test the showcase “Gambit” mode this weekend. A hybrid of mob-shooter and actual player-versus-player multiplayer, Gambit’s a mode that could only really work in Destiny 2, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. It’s well worth checking out if you’ve been (rightly) skeptical of Destiny 2‘s future.

Winter is here

Frostpunk is one of 2018’s best builder-type games, with a unique setup that pits your tiny colony against the rigors of an apocalyptic winter—and forces you to make some ethically dubious choices in the name of survival.

Now there’s a bit more of it in the world, as Frostpunk released an additional campaign this week for free. Titled “The Fall of Winterhome,” there’s a new map, new stories to uncover, and a handful of bug fixes too.

Mouth of Madness

What am I doing on Halloween? Probably playing this Call of Cthulhu game honestly, because these trailers look fantastic—especially that BioShock-esque music at the end. Not the comparison I would’ve expected to make, but here we are.

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