Will the Odinson ever be worthy again?

Jane Foster made the ultimate sacrifice in The Mighty Thor #705, and the latest issue reveals what’s next for the franchise.


Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Mighty Thor #706!

In the previous chapter of the series, Jane sacrificed her life by tying the Mangog to Mjolnir and launching both him into the sun. Without a tether to her enchanted hammer, Jane reverted to her frail human form and promptly succumbed to her terminal cancer. This issue follows Jane’s soul as she travels to Valhalla and attempts to take her place among the honored dead of Asgard. But even with Odin urging her on, Jane can’t quite bring herself to enter the afterlife.

Back in the land of the living, the Odinson and his fellow gods deal with the arrival of the God Tempest, a vast storm that was the source of Mjolnir’s power. The Odinson chose to harness this power and use it to revive the fallen Jane. And with a little help from his father, he succeeded in bringing the fallen heroine back to life.

Art by Russell Dauterman. (Marvel Comics)

Art by Russell Dauterman. (Marvel Comics)

In the end, Jane Foster lives, but her time as Thor is finished. But as she turns her attention to finally beating back her cancer, she leaves the Odinson with one final gift – a piece of the shattered Mjolnir. She implores the thunder god to reclaim his mantle and prove that Thor doesn’t need Mjolnir to be worthy.

This explains why Thor is getting a slight makeover for Marvel’s Fresh Start relaunch. He’s using that piece of Mjolnir as fodder to design a brand-new golden arm and a whole collection of hammers. He’ll need them, given that he still has Malekith and the War of Realms to deal with.

Art by Russell Dauterman. (Marvel Comics)

Art by Russell Dauterman. (Marvel Comics)

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