TP-Link’s KC120 Kasa Cam marks the company’s entrance to the security camera market, but it’s already something of an old hand when it comes to the smart home, offering a mesh router, white and color smart bulbs, smart plugs, and even a smart switch.

Something tells me TP-link has been taking note of the best and worst the market has to offer, because the KC120 (available at Amazon for $130) is surprisingly refined for a new product, boasting advanced features, a clean and speedy app, and integration with Amazon’s Echo Show smart speaker and display.

We updated this review on April 3, 2018 to add the latest information on TP-Link’s cloud storage subscription plans

Design and features

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen home security camera design evolve to incorporate all kinds of shapes, sizes, and stylistic flourishes. The Kasa Cam harks back to the simple look of the original Dropcam/Nest Cam. The stand is hinged at the bottom, so you can angle the camera forward or back for a better view. That flexibility is particularly handy if you screw the camera to a wall with the included mounting disc.

The Kasa Cam features a 1080p lens with a 130-degree field of view that should easily take in most good-sized living rooms. It sends push notifications when it detects motion and sound, and it supports two-way audio for communicating remotely with homebound family members (or creatively startling intruders).

kasa cam three quarters TP-Link

The Kasa Cam harks back to the look of the original Dropcam and Nest Cam.

Cloud storage subscription plans

Kasa has updated its subscription offering, now called Kasa Care, lowering some rates and adding an annual pricing option. The Basic plan is now simply called the Free plan. It gives you 1GB of storage and allows you view up to two days of video history for up to three cameras. The former Standard plan has been rechristened Plus and drops the price to $4 a month or $40 per year per camera for 14GB and 14 days of video history. The Premium plan now costs $7 a month or $70 per year per camera for 30GB and 30 days of history.

Each Kasa Cam purchase comes with a 30-day free trial of the Kasa Care Premium Plan. You can upgrade to any plan during the trial period through the Kasa companion app. If you choose not to upgrade, your camera will automatically roll over to the Free plan when the trial period ends.

Setup and usage

kasa feed Michael Ansaldo/IDG

The Kasa app interface keeps it clean.

The Kasa Cam is controlled by the same Kasa app used for TP-Link’s other smart home products. Once you plug in the camera, the app will guide you through the setup process of connecting first to the Kasa Cam and then to your Wi-Fi.

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