President Donald Trump on Saturday said he does not believe his personal lawyer Michael Cohen will flip and cooperate with federal investigators, after FBI agents raided Cohen’s office and hotel room last week, seizing materials that reportedly include information related to women Trump allegedly had affairs with.

Trump’s statement comes after the New York Times reported Friday that the president’s lawyers and advisors have become resigned to the possibility that Cohen, who faces steep legal fees, may end up cooperating with federal officials.

Trump, in a series of Twitter posts Saturday, singled out one of the author’s of the piece, Maggie Haberman, attacking her as a “third rate reporter” and “Crooked H flunkie.”

Though Trump said he does not believe Cohen will cooperate with investigators, the president said “most people will flip” to avoid trouble with the government, “even if it means lying and making up stories.”

The New York Times previously reported that Trump’s advisors view the investigation of Cohen as a greater threat to the president than special counsel Robert Mueller‘s Russia probe.

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