X-VPN in brief:

* Uses virtual server locations

Many VPNs promise to “unblock the world” by opening up foreign streaming sites, or domestic ones when you’re overseas. Hong Kong-based X-VPN does a good job of living up to its unblocking promises. It offers a fair number of locations and servers, as well as dedicated streaming servers for the U.S., UK, and Australia. Each of which is specified by country and the service it aims to unblock such as Netflix, Sky Go, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Australia’s 9Now.

When you first open X-VPN on Windows it shows some key information such as your current IP address and general location at the top, a message about whether your connection is encrypted or not, a big Connect button towards the bottom, and options for changing your VPN protocol and getting help.

xvpnconnected IDG

An active connection in X-VPN.

By default, X-VPN will connect to the fastest server based on your location. Otherwise, you can click the Select Location link to choose from its 28 country locations.

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Features and services

The screen where you select the server location has three tabs, one for recommended servers, for all servers, and for your favorites. There’s also a speedometer icon at the top right to run a built-in ping test to see what kind of response time you can expect from all listed servers.

Oddly, the All and Recommend tabs list the same servers. The only difference is that All lists by category and location whereas the Recommend tab lists servers mostly by alphabetical order. At the top of All is the Videos & Music category that lists all the services X-VPN unblocks including Netflix U.S. and Netflix UK, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Pandora, 9Now, BBC iPlayer, and Sky Go. After this section, the remaining server locations are listed by global region such as the Americas, Asia Pacific, and so on.

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