“The hosts are basically organic.”

Westworld’s hosts do indeed have to deal with basic biological needs, such as pooping.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Westworld co-creator and co-showrunner Lisa Joy shed some light on just how human these hosts really are. As it turns out, since they are organic, the hosts still have to use the bathroom, sleep, and maintain some sort of a diet in order to function properly.

“The hosts are basically organic,” Joy said. “It’s cheaper that way to print them out. They eat, they sleep, they have sex, they can poop. It’s really like a human body with the one difference being where we have a brain, they have a CPU. There’s a lot of potential for them. If you had a part of your brain that was a computer, self improvement would be a lot easier.”

Joy teased that fans will learn a lot more about the similarities between humans and hosts, and the different ways hosts can improve themselves during Season 2.

“The season will be exploring the intersection of where and how they’re human and some of the ways they can manipulate their own programming,” Joy said. “So no, they’re not looking for a universal power plug or anything.”

Westworld returns on April 22 at 9pm ET/PT on HBO. For more on the show, read about Season 2’s Shogun World episode and why Westworld is the Jurassic Park sequel we deserve.


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