With the 2020 MLB season less than a month away, baseball fans who subscribe to YouTube TV may have to look elsewhere.

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I’m not a Yankees fan (#LFGM) but I am a cord cutter and YouTube TV subscriber, so yesterday’s news that YouTube’s live TV streaming service would lose a bunch of sports stations — including YES Network, home of the Yankees — didn’t hit me personally. But I know a plenty of Yankees fans, some of them wonderful people, and as one of CNET’s streaming TV
reviewers I also regularly tell readers to subscribe to YouTube TV. It’s our favorite such service overall and a great choice for cord cutters who still want live TV.

For many Yankees fans however, YES Network is a must-have especially now with the 2020 MLB season less than a month away. The same goes for fans of the numerous MLB baseball, NBA basketball and NHL hockey teams carried by Fox’s stable of regional sports networks (RSNs), now owned by Sinclair Broadcast group. Those networks include Marquee (Chicago Cubs), Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket (Los Angeles Clippers, Angels), Fox Sports Wisconsin (Milwaukee Bucks, Brewers) and more. As of February 29 YouTube TV will no longer carry the networks that show most of the games from those teams. 

If you’re a YouTube TV subscriber who must have YES or one of those stations, take heart. You’ll have to drop YTTV but since you didn’t sign a contract, you have options. 

Hulu is the least-expensive live TV streaming service with YES and the rest of the Fox RSNs. You’ll have to deal with Hulu’s inferior (in my book) interface and DVR, and pay another $5 per month, but at least you get the team you want. And lots of Bob’s Burgers.

Click here, select “View channels in your area” and enter your zip code to make sure Hulu carries the local sports network you want.

CNET reached out to Hulu to ask how long that service would continue to offer Fox RSNs and YES, but Hulu representatives didn’t immediately reply.

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Whoa, that’s a steep increase. You’ll have to pay another $30 every month compared to YouTube TV and $25 more than Hulu, but on the plus side AT&T TV’s Max package has more channels, including HBO (and coming in May, HBO Max). Note that AT&T TV Now’s cheaper Plus package ($65/month) doesn’t have those RSNs.

Click here and enter your zip code to make sure AT&T TV Now carries the local sports network you want.

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Other options: Cable or satellite?

Those are the only two live TV streaming services that carry YES and the other Fox sports stations that YouTube TV dropped. If neither of the two options above appeal to you and you still need one of those networks, you might have to get cable or satellite (but not Dish Network, which still doesn’t have those stations). My advice? Try to avoid signing a two-year contract. These kinds of sports rights disputes are becoming more and more common and it’s possible even major cable providers, like Comcast, could drop your favorite team. These are tumultuous TV times and it pays to stay nimble. 

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